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How to be a good parent


How to Be a Better Parent to your kids

How to be a parent? No one should have to teach you how to be a parent. Being a parent comes naturally to most people the moment their first child is born. Therefore, no matter how young you are, or were when you had your first child. Also, The instinct to care for your child is within you. You may not have been ready at the time your child was born but the reality is that you are a parent.

Parenting is a responsibility, not a job. No one is rushing you to get it done and over with. so take your time to love and care for your kid(s). It is a blessing and a privilege to be a parent. However, unfortunately, many people are unable to have children for one reason or another. Please take pride in and be thankful for the opportunity to be a parent.

Identifying the difference between good and bad parents.

Responsible parents think about their child’s health and safety first. Everything you do reflects on your child. Think about some habits that you have that can put your child in harm’s way. Also, you must adjust the way you talk and behave in front of your children, especially young ones. They absorb everything that they see and hear.

It does not matter if they are watching or listening to the television or their parents, children will imitate what is around them. This is how they learn. However, if you are not careful and your child is (mentally, physically, and psychologically) harmed by what you are saying or doing, then your children could be taken away from you.

Always remember that you are the parent first and friend second. You should make your child respect you and listen to you. Take the time to discipline your child. Teaching your child manners is an important part of parenting. You should never let your child have what they want without reason. Never spoil your kids. Teach them the value of a dollar. There is an old saying that goes charity begins at home. Grow up your child in the right way.

Your sons and daughters adopt what they see you do

Teach your son to be gentlemen and your daughters to be ladies. Fathers these days are teaching their sons how to be gangsters and how to smoke weed. Mothers are teaching their daughters how to twerk. Teaching your children self-respect and showing them affection will build their self-esteem. Also, many children grow up not knowing their self-worth. Because their parents did not tell them or show them that they are loved. Without self-worth, people place themselves in unhealthy situations trying to find the love that they did not receive as a child.


Observations of a child will surprise you

Kids are being disrespectful, swearing, and calling their parents’ names. This is not cute or funny. Some parents even record this and post it on social media. This practice praises bad behaviour. By praising bad behaviour children grow up to think that swearing and disrespecting their parents and other authority figures is a good thing. Remember, children imitate the behaviour around them. Ask yourself where your child is learning to swear and yell at adults?

9 important things you can do to improve your parenting skills.

1. Thinking is the first thing that will lead you on the road to becoming a good parent. Therefore, you must think before you go doing things. However, when you think first before you act that displays wisdom. Also, explaining the importance of thinking before you act or talk to your child will get them to adopt wise behaviours.


2. Pay attention to your child. You must be attentive to your child’s every move as much as you can. You cannot text on your phone all day while your kid is roaming around the house by themselves. There are many dangers in and outside of your house. Small children do not understand that putting things in their mouths is dangerous. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on them at all times. This rule also applies in an emotional context as well as a physical one.

Additionally, despite what your child may say or how your child may act. You must pay attention to how they feel and how aspect they see things. Any sudden changes in behaviour may indicate that something bothering them. However, this is when you step in and ask if anything is wrong. If a child feels like you do not pay attention or you do not care then they will go into the world. Also, they will find something or someone that fills the emotional void your inattentiveness leaves.

3. Be considerate of your child and their feelings. Consideration, in any relationship, proves that you are willing to put their needs first. How can a parent go shopping for themselves and not make sure that their child is well-fed first? Or not make sure that their child has clothes that fit?

A family that prays together stays together

4. It is important to spend time with your child. This point is in connection with tip number two. Additionally, when you make time for your kids you make them feel wanted. Children want to make their parents proud of them. In everything you do, think about including your children. Please make it your duty to be present in your kids’ life.

However, just because you make a child, this does not make you a parent. Show up at their extracurriculars. You do not want your kids to sit alone at their soccer game or dance recital hoping that you will walk through the door and support them.

5. Be instrumental in your kids’ life. This will make a big impact on their lives. Similar to previous tips, being involved in your child’s life is a great way to gain their trust and respect. In addition, helping them with their homework, and school projects is a way to reinforce positive habits while showing interest in their lives. Also, teaching your child important skills such as riding a bike or driving is a way to help develop fundamental life skills.

You must make an effort to be a parent not just to be in their life

6. Similar to tip number two, you must make an effort sure to talk to your kids and ask them what is going on in their lives. Whether or not you notice a change in their behaviour or mood, you must show an interest in what is going on. Sometimes children are afraid to talk to their parents about what is going on in their lives because they are afraid of upsetting their parents or being punished. Try to be patient and understanding when listening to what your child has to say

7. Give them a hug and show affection. A parent’s comfort is a very strong and powerful healing source for any problem. Even if nothing wrong has happened, be sure to show your child that you love them.

8. Be extremely cautious about who you are going to bring into your kids’ life. Therefore, whether it is a significant other or even a friend, he or she must have good character. They must be kind to your child, because if they are not, then your child might feel neglected. Also, your child might think that you do not care about them. Because you are bringing someone into their lives who treat them poorly. Yet you do nothing about it. No matter how much you like that individual, your child’s well-being comes first.

Never practice favouritism among your children

9. Love all your children equally. Parents should not pick favourites among their children. Choosing favourites can cause jealousy and conflict among your children. Favouritism is very hurtful in any family, group or, organization. Think about how you will feel if you are been treated and loved less than others. So please do not bring that kind of mentality into your home.

They already have to deal with it at school by school mats and even teachers. Whether it may be due to skin colour, culture, or race. At the end of the day, they will love to come home where they are loved, appreciated, and wanted. Parenting is not easy, but it is not impossible. Remember, no parent is perfect. Just remember to do what is best for your child. That is how you be a good parent.


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