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How To Have A better Relationship


How To Have A Healthier Relationship Or Marriage.

How to have a healthier relationship? A relationship is like a baby. There is a process of development and learning. Therefore, you should take care of your relationship. Whether it is a new relationship or a 20-year marriage. It is the same process as if you are taking of your child. To have a healthier relationship you must nourish that relationship. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. You will have to train a relationship with what you will like it to turn out to be.

A relationship must be led in the direction of happiness and fulfillment.
You will be very surprised to know how you can have a healthier relationship or marriage by paying attention to the mundane things that tend to ignore and neglect every day. We sometimes have ourselves to blame for our unhealthy relationships.

We allow things to come into our lives that infect our relationships. Our poor habits, faults, and our immature behaviour. We all have our faults and we all make mistakes. Also, there is no perfect person, relationship, or marriage. Stop hoping for that perfect Mister or Miss Right. How to have success in your relationship

We are humans. At some point, we will all make some mistakes that will annoy the people we love. Even if we try to avoid them. Do not get annoyed beyond reconciliation. Instead, communicate your frustrations with your partner and compromise for changes to be made.

Setting goals for a relationship


Where exactly do you want to go with your relationship? How far exactly you would like to reach? Regardless of your answer, you must go into a relationship with a positive mindset. You must a clear idea of your expectations. Leave the past behind and move on. Remember it takes two to build a relationship, but it takes only one to break a relationship.

Trust is the biggest gamble when it comes to dating. Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. Do not compare your current with your ex. It is not cool. You must give your new relationship a fair chance. Everybody expects to be treated fairly when entering into a new relationship, so treat your partner the way that you expect to be treated. Accepting the fact that not all individuals are the same is a great asset in nourishing your relationship.

Habits that you should stop.

First of all, stop running back to your ex when things go wrong in your current relationship. Your ex is history and by continually going back to them, they have control over you and your life. He or she may even be laughing at you behind your back. By going back to them, you imply that you are not happy in your current relationship. Many ex-partners want to hear or see that you are unhappy. Many want you to think that they are better than you. When you go back to them, they continue to believe this. Can you see how stupid this is?


Secondly, please stop comparing your current partner with your ex. If your so-called ex is such a perfect match then why did the relationship end? The problem must be with you. Thirdly, stop flirting with other people. Flirting is a clear indication that you are not ready for a serious relationship. Lusting after another man or woman tells others that you do not appreciate the person in your life physically. How would you feel if things were the other way around? Remember, what goes around, comes around.

Keep your relationship private

Please leave your friends, parents, and family out of your relationship. Sixty-five percent of the time outside input can spoil something you have between you and your partner. Friends and family can develop feelings of jealousy or insecurity about the relationship that you have. This may lead them to act or say things without having your best interests at heart.


People go into a relationship for different reasons.

To some, it is about money, companionship, sex, or wild fantasies. Some are forced to be in a relationship. None of these relationships are healthy, and many ends negatively. You can force a relationship but you can never force love. The only relationships that are proven to last have love from both sides.

Do not let anyone fool you. There is not anything you can do to force love into a relationship. No matter what you do, if the feelings between two partners in a relationship are not mutual, the relationship will not work. You can spend millions of dollars on dating coaches and counselling and it still would not work.

How to make someone love you.

You cannot make someone love you. Please do not make a fool of yourself by trying to get someone to love you. Love has to be natural. Stop loving someone that does not love you back. You are wasting your time. You are only hurting yourself. When your plan fails, you will have no one to blame but yourself.


What are the most important factors to you when considering a potential relationship? Do know your type? Do you know what you are looking for in a person? Let me guess it must be the physical appearance, or maybe he or she must be the right height? Well, good luck with getting played. Falling for someone because of their appearance is a surefire way to get heartbroken. Never judge a book by its cover.

You are in the game so you will get what you ask for. Do not make expectations in a relationship based on the way things happened to your friend or what you have seen on TV. A healthy relationship can be hard to achieve, but it is not entirely impossible.

You must have a knowledgeable understanding of your partner.

What makes him or her happy? Be interesting in what makes him or her sad? What are the things that make him or her mad or annoyed? Find and understand those habits and work on them. If they do not like it when you leave the milk on the counter, try remembering to put it in the fridge. If you know your partner had a hard day at work, then cook their favourite meals as a surprise or give them a foot rub.


You do not have to be perfect for your partner. If they truly love you, then they will not expect perfection out of you because perfection is unattainable. You must simply try. Your efforts and attentiveness to their needs will be appreciated.

Talking to each other about those faults on both sides will be a great way to start making positive changes toward future progress. Although no one is perfect, you should have realistic expectations about the faults that should be accepted by your partner. Toxic behaviour is not healthy to expose your relationship to. You should stop pushing for fights. Stop being bossy and controlling. Being respectful and approachable to each other is a way of showing your partner that you value them.

It is not about the expensive gifts we shower them with or those fancy restaurants we take them out to.

Kindness and being considerate of each other feelings can help avoid arguments. If you have that high quality of understanding about your partner, you can prevent 97% of those pathetic and immature quarrels that appear nowhere.

When you do have arguments and move on as if nothing happened, you are not solving the problem – you are just avoiding it. Do not just move on and ignore the cause of the fight. You should talk about what caused the conflict together. When talking about this, think about how what went wrong, what you could have done differently, and how you can change for the future so that you can avoid future conflicts. Remember it takes two to build and one to break a relationship.


If we all think about our actions and the impact it has on our partner, then we make unity much easier.

Try to compromise. Sometimes, you will want different things at the same time, but you cannot both have what you want. Talk things over and agree to get back on the same page. Work together with one thing first, and then move on to the other.

Help each other to achieve your goals rather than pursuing yours first. Both you and your partner are not now one and should make each other dreams come true. Make time for each other just to talk about those goals, and try to find ways to make them come to reality together.

If you both are mature and you love each other then you can make it.

You should be willing to listen if your partner comes to you about some issues that bother him or her. Communicate to see if these can be permanent changes you can make a part of your relationship. To resolve issues, you must take your partner seriously and honestly make considerations to what they are saying.


You should not just dismiss the topic with a thought. That is being ignorant and immature. Acknowledge the efforts your partner is trying to make the relationship work by talking to you. Do not take a person’s kindness for granted. Just because your partner is currently with you, does not mean they can not leave you. Stop pushing him or her away by taking advantage of the unconditional love you know he or she has for you.

Trust me, being taken advantage of can lead to you being cut off. Stop thinking that you are irreplaceable because you are not. Love is patient, but do you think that someone who is patient cannot run out of patience? No, my friend, you are wrong if you think they cannot. If you are the kind of person who takes advantage of a kind and loving people, then you will end up losing everything. Chances are you might even give yourself a very bad reputation as being a user or abuser.


A relationship is a combination of responsibility and effort.

Little things in our relationship, like communication and compromise. However, these may not seem helpful but believe me, it is. Also, take the initiative to show your partner that you love them today. These are everyday attitudes that you should be considering and adopting. You and your partner should practise or exercise this advice to reach your relationship goals. Please do not wait till it gets to a point when you do not want to be around each other anymore.

Check yourself and see if you can find any wicked or selfish way about yourself. Make an effort to change bad habits for your partner and yourself. By respecting others we can love ourselves more. Let’s all do our part and try to share the love. It is not as hard as it seems. We all have to do our part and learn how to take responsibility for our faults. This way, we can continue to create a positive foundation in our relationships and our lives. Please follow us and leave your tips in the comment box below on how to have a healthier relationship


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