21 Apr 2021

Elevate and Overcome

We are living in a very violent world, humanity have no Heart, and feel no ways taking an other human life.

actual footage.

A 15-year-old female student of Linden Foundation Secondary School in Guyana is a patient of the Linden Hospital tonight. She is nursing a stab wound to her lower back. The teenage girl and another girl were involved in a fight, Thursday afternoon after they left school. The victim is in critical condition.


The injured girl was walking around in a confused state with the knife still embedded in her lower back as she pleaded for help to get to the hospital.

Can you imagine our kids actually walk with this kind of deadly weapon to school?

The entire incident was captured on camera. The perpetrator was found to be stabbing the older sister of another young woman that the 15-year-old assailant was fighting.


Other students and adult onlookers managed to stop a car. Friends were able to rush the victim to the hospital as they pleaded with her not to pull the knife out.


At the Linden Hospital, she was rushed to the emergency ward. In the operating room, medical professionals were able to remove the knife from the victim.

Sources at the hospital said she remains in a serious condition as doctors continue to monitor her. There was no report of any damage to her organs. The matter is now being handled by Guyanese law enforcement.


Now wonder why God allowed coronavirus to sweep through the entire world for so long. This world is cruel and hearth less. Still even with Covid-19, no one learn a lesson the crimes and violence is even more higher. Fear God for he is not happy and he will unleash his anger on this world. The day will come when we wish that we had live a better and more peaceful life. God is going to pass his judgment on this earth and many of the world population will be left behind. For many are call but few are chosen.

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