18 Apr 2021

Elevate and Overcome

Every day is a day full of blessings and we should be quick to give thanks for the little things. Find out some of the blessings that you have in front of you today.

We should give thanks for the littlest things in life.


We live in a materialistic world. Many of us love to post pictures of our latest or most expensive purchase on Instagram or Twitter, in the hopes that our lifestyle will gain some kind of attention. When most of us hear the word “wealth” we think of stacks of cash, the latest sportscar model, or even designer goods. Many of us find it easy to count our acquired wealth as proof of our blessings.

We, as a society and even as believers, comprise our understanding of “blessings” in the things we can see or hold. When we are asked to count our blessings, we are quick to refer to things like houses, cars, fancy jobs, money, education or other general successes. Blessings go beyond the scope of what we can see. Blessings are not just the things that we can hold in our hands. They are our experiences, relationships, knowledge, and wisdom. They are our families, friendships, and growth as well.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a lot of money or fancy items. Rather than looking at what you do not have, look at what you have. The trials and tribulations that you have endured can provide you with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge beyond what your wildest dreams. These gifts are your blessings. Utilize them to their fullest potential.

Blessings that are priceless and irreplaceable.

When you are feeling discouraged about your circumstances, practice gratitude by counting these blessings.



We should always give thanks for the smallest things we have even when it does not seem like a lot. Life is the most priceless blessing that God could ever give to us. You can not go to a store and just buy life. Yes, with modern medicine we do have the chance to replace broken organs, but this opportunity does not come along every day. Even with medicine, many complications can occur. The only full-proof source of life that we can come across is God. His breath is in your lungs right now, and with each breath you take he is providing you with another opportunity to experience the wonders that he has created.

Life is the ultimate blessing. There is so much that we can do with it. There are so many things that we can do with our lives. Many people are in hospital beds fighting for their lives, yet we are here. We are healthy. We are alive. Make the most of your life today.


Having the opportunity to wake up every day to fresh, clean air, is such a small thing that makes the greatest difference in our lives. The clean air that we breathe can make all the difference in our health, our moods, and even our mindset. With clean air, we can plant health foods and drink fresh water. The air we breathe is at the epicentre of our life sources. Even Indigenous peoples and our ancestors, people who did not have much, gave thanks for the fresh air. You can be the richest individual in the entire universe but without clean fresh air, you have nothing.



In a time where health is a major concern for everyone, you really start to become thankful for the days that you wake up healthy. This is not a blessing that we should only count when times get hard. Every day that you wake up and do not have to worry about your health is a blessing. Right now, there are people who are worried about receiving a diagnosis. There are people who are on several different medications to the point where they have run out of room in their cabinet for their pills. If this is not you, then you should be thankful.

Many of us are fortunate enough to live in places where we have access to medical care. Many people live in countries that do not have advanced medicine. These people are fighting to live one more day, and are praying that somehow, they can find a cure or medical aid to extend their lives. If you do have access to good health care then count this as a blessing. You are blessed with the gift of life and good health. This is God’s grace. Wealth can not buy health.



Not everyone can read or write as well as others. Some people have difficulties working with numbers. We were not all designed to understand everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. The little bit of reading, writing, and math that you can do is a blessing in itself. The talents that you have are not insignificant. Many people in the world are positively impacted by your knowledge, no matter how unimportant you believe it to be.

Understand that academic-based intelligence is not the only kind of knowledge that you need in this world. Wisdom is one of the most valuable blessings you can ever gain. Wisdom is the ability to discern right from wrong to make positive decisions. Those who have wisdom see life for what it really is. With wisdom, you can be independent, and not rely on anyone for anything. In fact, people will learn from you.

For me, my most valuable blessing is the opportunity to have a relationship with my God.

I am blessed to have a God that hears and sees me. I am blessed to know that I am among His chosen. Every morning, I wake up to his glory. He brought my family to me, and because of Him, I’ve been able to experience true love. I am blessed and favoured by the Most High. I am not without blessings or opportunities. Rather than looking at what I do not have, I look at what God has blessed me with. I continue to fight for more blessings and open myself to what he may have in store, but never neglect the things he has given me. I pray that you find comfort in the knowledge that you are truly blessed.


What are things that you count as blessings?

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