Good News: No New Cases of COVID-19 in China Since the Beginning of the Outbreak

For the first time since the beginning of the outbreak, China has not reported any new cases of the coronavirus.

At a news conference on Thursday, March 19, China’s National Health Commission announced that there had been just 34 new confirmed cases of coronavirus the past 24 hours. At this point, the new cases were all imported from overseas. Also, the government only reported a total of eight new deaths. These deaths were all in Hubei, the province where the coronavirus was first identified. There were no new reported cases in China at all just one day before. For the first time since the beginning of the outbreak, China reported no new locally transmitted coronavirus cases.

China has made effective attempts to kill the coronavirus.

As we all know, COVID-19 originated in Hubei, China, and it rapidly spread to China. From there, it quickly spread all over the world. Earlier this month, the coronavirus was declared a world pandemic. The coronavirus has infected and claimed the lives of thousands all over the world. Many are still in fear and paranoia. Yes, there is a relief in hearing about the progress in China, but the pandemic is not over yet. The coronavirus has just arrived in some countries, so it is far from being over. Do not think it will not arrive in your country. We should all do our part to reduce the virus from spreading by exercising safe measures. We all have to do out part by protecting ourselves at all times. Remember to keep our guard up at all times.

Europe has gotten the worst of the coronavirus with Italy being declared as the epicentre fo the pandemic.

The death toll is way more in Italy than anywhere else in the world. In Europe, the government is working overtime to eradicate the virus. We are all praying that this breakthrough happens as soon as possible. People all over the world are saying that this pandemic is a trying time and that it is unfortunate that others have to suffer for the mistakes of others. Let us not point fingers at one group of people or their culture. Instead, let us work together to formulate and establish plans in place to battle this virus.

Let us not assume the worst.

Remember, not all will get infected and not all will die from the coronavirus. We can kill this pandemic if we all do our part to stay healthy. We all have to be considerate of others and remain isolated. Some people around the world are making a mockery of the pandemic, which is very sad and heartless. Some innocent people are suffering and thousands have died from COVID-19. For all we know, it could be you or your family member who falls ill from the virus next. Let’s be prepared. Please follow the instructions that your government has put in place. We will get through this.

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