A time to worship.

We do have to go to church to worship in order to be fill with the holy spirit.

Let’s face the facts about this ongoing Coronvirus, yes it broke out in China and spread all over the world. But we can not blame China for the spread. We are our worst enemy by our embracing ignorance and lack of knowledge. We engage in unsafe behaviour and practises. Just because you’re young does not mean you are invincible. Exercise good judgement and follow sound advice. In the bible, proverbs talk about exercising wisdom. I just want to bless the Lord in this time of fear. We can stay home and still bless the Lord. let us be smart and use wisdom please stay home. All over the West Indies fools are making a mockery of the pandemic Covid-19. Please for the love of God stop. Coronavirus is real and it will find to you where you are if you do not use wisdom. Please read the book of proverbs you will gain wisdom.

Now is the perfect to perfect opportunity to pull your family together and get closer to God and become intimate with Him. This virus may not be from God but God will allow it to spread in order to show us the error of our was and draw people to him. Let us pray for the land and our nation. Lets pray our the world. God will hear us because prayer is the only thing that will change the mind and heart of God. Our God is merciful and he will listen to us. Stop the crime and violence turn your life to God follow his command yo repent of our sins.


  • Thank you my brother, God knows everything and in him we trust and nothing else , I am bless to have you and your beautiful family in our life , keep on giving him the praise because that is all he want from us nothing else to God be the glory, I do enjoy it keep on doing what is best for God my brother and don’t mind what people have to say they will always talk you cannot stop any one stay bless my brother.

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