How To Pray


The most effective way how to pray

The most effective way how to pray is a simple prayer from your heart and not imitating the words that come from anyone’s mouth. Therefore, humiliation should not overcome us, when we are asked to pray out loud in public. Also, the effects of our simple original prayer have a magnitude that can move any mountain. Every pray has its own unique fundamentals.

Only one God can answer our prayers, and he is our Father in heaven. However, many people may ask what is prayer? The definition of prayer is simply communicating with God, yes! we talk to God and he answers us. Believe this or not there is power in every prayer.

Not every prayers that will be answered by God

However, when you pray to false gods, they cannot hear you because they are not real. This is one of the logical explanations as to why there are so many unanswered prayers. Additionally, if you are praying for things that you do not need, or that is evil, God will ignore your prayers. Our God is a God of righteousness; therefore, he does not condole evil.

Our prayers should come with diligence from the purest of hearts. Therefore, we should go with faith and ask in Jesus’s name. Also, prayers are the only thing that can chase the devil away, so do not be afraid to call out to Jesus. Know the god you serve. Let us all be in perfect peace and learn how to pray to God

How should we pray?

It may seem hard to believe but there are still individuals today that do not know how to pray. Some people think that in order to pray they need to study the Bible. Many people today just do not know God, which makes saying a simple prayer extremely difficult. In a time like now, with the coronavirus threatening the world, we need to pray and ask God for His grace and mercy. Only God is holy and with Him all things are possible. It is time for those of you who do not know God to turn to Him. It is time to ask Him to fill your hearts with His wisdom and understanding.

Praying is very simple and easy. No, you do not need to know the Bible to pray. You do not need to know Jesus in order to call out to Him. God is very easy-going and forgiving. You can pray to God in your own words. You can pray anywhere and anytime. Prayer can even take place in your mind. When talking to Jesus in your mind, he can still hear you.


The administrative team here at has put together some very simple prayers. If you are beginner in prayer, you can start with these prayers to learn how to pray. When you start using these simple, short prayers, you will start to see significant changes in your life. Once you become familiar with prayer and grow with the Lord day by day, you will develop your own powerful prayer skills.

Our list of simple prayers

Prayer is the only action right now that will save us from this crazy and fatal pandemic. We need the Lord’s mercy and protection. As you already know, there is no vaccine to cure people who have contracted the virus. The only thing that can save us is prayer. All of the people who have been healed were healed by God.


We all need to teach those that do not know God to turn to Him because He will see all of us through this fearful time. Calling out to Jesus is the only thing that can change this life-taking virus. We need to seek the mercy of the Lord our God. No doctors, government, or scientists can seem to come up with a cure for this COVID-19, so we must pray. We must call to Jesus. God is the only one who can answer our cries. was built and designed to win souls, help uplift and motivate everyone around this world, who is suffering from depression. We acknowledge that we are living in this world of uncertainty. Our hearts go out to you, due in this time of need. Leave us a comment you can also request that you would like to talk to someone. We will have a counsellor privately get back to you to talk with you and pray with you as needed in the situations in which you are facing in your life. There is no fee charge is here to help. We are your new best friend.

What is your go-to prayer in times of fear?

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