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Where Will You Be After the Coronavirus Ends?


Everyone is in anticipation of the day that this nightmare called the coronavirus ends.


The coronavirus is sweeping through the world, infecting anyone in its path, and killing as many people as possible. We all can only hope that this deadly virus will be over soon. Many people are now referring to Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, yet some are still in their wicked ways.

Workplaces are being closed and marketplaces are getting empty. Businesses all over the world are running out of inventory. Some churches are preaching that this is the end of the world. Well, this may or not be the case, but let’s consider that there is life after the coronavirus pandemic. Where will you be after COVID-19? What will you change about yourself? How will you show gratitude for surviving this deadly virus? Will you be in the land of the living or the land of the dead?

As of today April 8, 2020, the coronavirus has infected over 1 million people and has killed over 80,000 people. I and my family are favoured by the mercy of God. We are thankful that we are still not infected. Thank you, Jesus. Our imagination has gone pass behind the parameters of our mind and we are thinking about life after coronavirus.

No one can seem to find a solution to this pandemic. Doctors, government and scientists are all failing to provide the public with a cure. Those who have been healing must owe it to the grace of God. Despite this grace, our hearts are still overwhelmed with fear. If this is not the end of the world, then there is worse suffering to come. This means that we must draw closer to God. I believe that this is not the end and that there is life after the coronavirus. Based on this, I know I want to be closer to God.

Some people have already made plans for after coronavirus.


I have heard some people plan for after the coronavirus and I must say its quite shocking to believe that some people never learn. Some cannot wait to get back into the club to party. Some cannot wait to get back on the streets to continue crime. Well, crime never stops. Many people are still with their sinful habits. May God have mercy on people engaged in these behaviours.

Even at this time, wicked-minded people are still taking advantage of people. Believe it or not, our human nature can also be a very dangerous pandemic. Store owners have raised their prices to the sky. Service providers have also raised their fees way over their regular prices. If there is life after COVID-19, what can we do to show our gratitude for surviving this coronavirus?


As for me and my household, I will continue to serve the Lord.

I know this pandemic will be over. I know there is life after the coronavirus. This coronavirus is not from God, although He allowed it to happen. He allowed it so people will turn away from their sinful and wicked ways and follow him. I will be with my church members and family once this coronavirus ends. Can you imagine what the first worship after the pandemic ends will be like? I will be singing at the top of my voice and enjoying every presence of the anointing. I will not waste this opportunity to give God the credit for saving me and my family. You are more than welcome to join me. I know there is a God and that He’s kept me through all storms. I will bless the Lord, oh my soul. His name will always be in my mouth.


I wrote this song for everyone who is living in fear of coronavirus.

How will you change your life after this pandemic ends?

Share your thoughts and comment below!

Stay safe and healthy!

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