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Are Christians Healthier?


The choices you make can determine how healthy your lifestyle is.


Having a healthier lifestyle does not entirely mean that you should eat healthily or visit your doctor often. These choices can provide you with physical health but there is much more to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Being a Christian is very instrumental in attaining your life goals. With that being said, we will always have God as our protector and as our healer. We have access to Him 24/7. Through His Word, God tells us that whosoever calls on His name will be saved (Romans 10:13).

As Christians, we are forbidden from living an ungodly lifestyle. We should not engage in any kind of unclean activities. A Christian should not be partying or putting tattoos on our bodies. A Christian should not smoke, get high, or get drunk. This alone extends our lifespan, but more importantly, it gives us the chance to have eternal life. We Christians get our wisdom from the Word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We read the Bible, and by doing so we gain dominion over all evil.

When we pray, our God in Heaven hears our prayers. He answers all our prayers even if we cannot see them being fulfilled. Even sickness and death will flee when we call out to God in the name of Jesus. We must value our lives as children of God. Quite frankly, our bodies are God’s temples. We have a responsibility to keep it holy and clean.


When we become Christians, we must develop a valuable character.

People will start observing that we are more genuine, patient, loving, caring, and considerate. As Christians, we are more understanding, obedient, respectful, humble and approachable. Christians are peacemakers. We are always trying to eliminate our enemies by demolishing our hate for them and replacing it with love. Below, we define some of the most prestigious characteristics we can have as Christians.


I am 100% certain that non-Christians find it extremely amazing how Christians are so hesitant to become angry. Christians are also very slow to provoke other people and that makes strong mediators. Any conflicts that Christians are involved in do not last for long. Would you believe that a Christian can pray for people of other religions and still ask God to change their hearts?

Characteristics of a Christian

Let’s reexamine the topic at hand. I challenge you to really think about all that I have just written. Do you think I’ve answered the question of whether or not Christians are healthier? I believe that Christians are absolutely healthier. I believe that due to their life choices Christians can and do live longer, too.


Now that you’ve read this, what are your thoughts?

You are always welcome to drop a comment for discussion. Our team at would love to hear from you.

God bless and stay safe.

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