18 Apr 2021

Elevate and Overcome

Not too long ago, our world was beautiful, safe, healthy, simple and peaceful. There was joy, friendship and excitement. Do you remember this time?

There once was a time when the world was simple, safe and peaceful.

going back in time

Not too long ago, our world was beautiful, safe, healthy, simple and peaceful. In fact, I can still remember the memories of the good old days.

Wait, don’t tell me you have forgotten.

Well, I can refresh your memory. Maybe, you are not from the olden days. Well, don’t worry. I have a great story lined up for you in this article. Come with me as I take you on a journey that will leave you wishing that you could go back in time.

Let’s start with our school days.

It did not take much to make us happy. We were always content with what we had. Well… most of us were. We were never scared of getting mugged or getting kidnapped. Our parents had no major fears of their kids walking from home to school and back again. School sporting events were always fun. You cheering to your favourite team, the joy of seeing your team placing first in an event… All of these things were fun.

How can you forget the school dances? The feeling of nervousness while waiting to dance with our teenage crush? I felt joy when it came to school trips. The feeling of getting to sit close to my crush on the bus always brought excitement. Even if you didn’t say anything to them, there was a feeling of joy. There was no fear at this time.


At recess, there were nothing but good times. We would run, jump and play till the bell rung. Sometimes, I would even forget to eat. I remember meeting up with my best friends under our favourite tree to tell jokes. There were times where we would miss the bell because we were laughing so loud. We will then realize that the bell had rung by the silence that surrounded us.

It is a shame that kids these days don’t experience this happiness. Many of today’s kids only meet to fight, do drugs, and have sex. Oh, I wish I could teach them of the olden days. A time when there was no fear.

Vacation: now the real fun and adventure begins.

Not all of us liked school. Even though we all had fun when we attended, the school work made school less fun. When it came to vacation time, that is when we had the most fun. Oh yes, that was the most exciting part of my school days. Let me tell you about vacation time from school. On that last day of school, when the bell rang to dismiss us, I can remember the entire school screaming. Even the teachers were happy and sometimes them to would join in on the parade.


Each day, we would do our chores and then play from dawn till dusk. Every day of the week we would have a different destination to go and have fun. We would go to the beach and the river, or we would meet and play cricket or football. Marbles and flying kite were another big fun activity that we enjoyed. At night, we would play ring games, hide and seek, or sit in the moonlight to tell jokes or stories.

Oh! did you think I forgot the cookouts? No way! No one can forget the cookouts. We use to steal our parent’s groceries to participate in the cookout. If you are from the Caribbean and you do not know how to cook, swim, climb, play sports, hunt, or catch crab and fish, then something must have gone wrong somewhere. Still, there was no fear.

Our adventures are unforgettable.

We would always gather in large groups in search of some kind of fruit. We had no appetite for home-cooked meals. Fun could never be held at home. We were always out on a new adventure. We would go hunting for anything that was edible.

Hiking was also very memorable. The fun was mostly the pain we would feel after taking the trip. Sometimes getting lost in the middle of nowhere seemed scary but for us at the time, it was actually quite satisfying. That is what hiking is all about!  No one wanted a guard on a hiking day! It was much more fun when everyone went their separate paths. When we get to our hiking destination we would rest before having another cookout, of course!


Christmas was and still is the most favourite time of the year. Back then, we did not have much but we were never envious of seeing someone with brand name shoes or toys. We were not always fortunate in getting toys for Christmas, so we would often make our own toys. To us, those toys would be worth more than a million dollars. The churches would have their annual Christmas program, and everyone would want to participate in the plays. We would not eat in our own house. Our traditions led us to eat from our neighbours in the village. Still, there was no fear.

Our world has changed. Now we live our lives in fear.

It is very sad that our world is so full of hate. Crime, war and violence are everywhere. Sickness and contagious viruses are taking over the world. Now, the entire planet is on lockdown because of a man-made virus.

To those who have not grown up with fun or have a story like this to tell, I pray that you may find peace in your life. For those who are going around committing crimes and being violent to your neighbours, think about what you are doing. Violence is not fun. It’s called being evil and wicked. It may be fun for you now, but think about what will happen if you get caught or end up dead.

Please stop living selfishly. Let us all bring back unity and joy to this amazing planet. To those of us who had joy in our childhood, let us work together to bring joy back to our lives today. I am sure by now have begun to think about your childhood memories.

Do you have exciting memories to share?

We would love to hear them. Feel free to comment your memories below!

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