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Was God racist when he created humanity?


Racism has been around for centuries. Some people only see other people for their race. This article will tell you exactly who God would choose if He were racist.

In the beginning, God created HUMANITY.

He created us all equal by His own image and likeness. Before us, He created the beautiful and colourful earth. He broke up the land in hundreds of pieces and scattered them all over the seas. He then placed human beings on the scattered pieces of the earth.

So that being said, we have legitimate confirmation that God never created one skin colour or ethnicity among the human race. Even the animals were created by God in the same colourful manner as humanity. So, why are do we allow racism to even exist? God created this world to beautiful and colourful, so why are you trying to change it? If God made all humans equal, why would you think that God would choose you to be superior?


How can you have so much hatred in your heart for another human because of the colour of their skin or by the countries they come from? Racism is all over the world. It is not just Black people who experience it, nor is it just white people who perpetrate racist acts. Racism is all over the world. Every skin colour race and ethnic background commit racist acts against others; therefore, we should look inside ourselves before making judgments.

Being racist is pitiful and wrong. God created all of us in His image. One group is not better than the other.

Being racist to another human is a disgrace to God. Your race is not the only kind that God created. God loves us all we are all his creations. To Him, we are all valuable. We are all underneath the same sky. Do you see separation in the sky? No! We are all unified within the same flesh and blood. No matter where you come from, no matter what colour your skin is, hating another human is and always will be a disgrace to God. No one is better than you, and you are not better than anyone.


Remember, what goes around comes around. If you hate another human, you will experience hatred towards you, too. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He may allow racism or hatred to fall upon you, your children, or loved ones to show you that the way you treat others is not okay. Just imagine how would you feel to know that there is someone out there who has hateful or racist feelings towards you or your entire family? Ah now we are getting deeper, arenโ€™t we? Oh, how the tables have turned.

These Are A Few Races And Ethnic Backgrounds All Created By God.


Yes, God created everything on the earth. Men and women were placed all over this earth. They were created by Godโ€™s own hands. No person created themselves; no race created themselves. We were all created beautifully and with intent. We are all valuable in the eyes of God. Were made in DIFFERENT COLORS, SHAPES, SIZES, HEIGHTS, RACES AND ETHNICITIES. We are all equal in Godโ€™s eyes, and it is only up to Him to decide who lives and who dies. Killing or hating someone because of their skin colour or their background is the most selfish and inconsiderate thing a person could do. Life is so short and so precious; it is hard to believe that racist acts would even come to your mind. If you value your own life, why would you think that another personโ€™s life is any less precious than yours?

So Here Is Who God Really Going To Choose

If you are racist then you are sinning against God. The Bible said:

โ€œThis is my commandment, That yeย love one another, even as I haveย lovedย you. John 15:17: These things I command you, that ye mayย love one anotherโ€œ

John 15:12

Racist acts mean that you are directly disobeying God. The truth is that you may be the one that is been left behind in the end. God is coming back to choose the righteous, the ones who did good deeds, and those who had a pure heart. not one who have a hateful heart.

For the name of the lLord is a strong tower. The righteousness run into it and they are safe.

Proverbs 18:10

In Godโ€™s eyes, all life matters. Whether you like it or not, you are not better than anybody. God did not only created one race of people. This world is not yours. You did not give life, so stop telling yourself that only you matter in the world. Love makes, hate breaks. Stop racism or God will stop you.

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