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Kissing on the first date

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A Kiss on a first date can reveal a lot about your partner’s intention.

Kissing on a first date can be a very challenging activity to conduct on a first date. Most people are comfortable with kissing on a first date based on the chemistry they sparked between their partners. On the other hand, some people rather be patient and wait for a few more dates to see how things will progress.

Kissing on the first date can be a very beneficial aspect of the foundation of any relationship. This actually can tell a full story about your partners. As what his or her intention is as of the moment. Kissing can be an effective way to spark the chemistry that will lead to a healthy long-lasting relationship. Kissing can make or break a relationship.

It is possible To Date and be Successfully

Are you fed up and frustrated by men or women coming and going? Are you constantly finding yourself getting attached to the wrong man or woman? Yes, dating can be a very frustrating activity. I am here to guide you on how to be successful when dating. No, I am not a dating coach, but many of today’s dating coaches are single themselves. I have been 100% successful in dating. I have been happily married for 17 years and counting. Love comes in all races, cultures, and ages. The problem with today’s relationships is that most people are most interested in physical appearances and they don’t take the time to establish a deep fun-loving and caring relationship with another individual. I am here to help you make that passionate connection.


The first date I had with my wife was amazing. The power and magic of the first kiss on that very same first date were strong. The passion and closeness that was born between us when we kissed for the first time made our relationship strong. This moment has not been forgotten. The first kiss made the foundation of our relationship strong throughout the time we were dating.

If you chasing after players you will get played

It is not wise to date people for the physical experience or because they have a lot of money. Love comes in all different races, colours, and cultures. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to find love. But beware! Do not mistake love for that other four-letter word: lust. You should not leave any opportunity for disappointment. That word, right there, is like cancer. It comes and takes over the whole scene. With a positive mindset, you will see amazing results. Give love a fair chance. I believe your partner is out there and he or she just can not wait to be with you.

“A kiss can make or break a relationship. The way your partner kisses you on a first date will reveal the truth about what his or her intentions really are. Then on the other hand that first kiss will also tell you that your partner is just want to jump all the to 4th base”.

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