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5 Black Men Whose Last Words Were “I Can’t Breathe” Before They Were Murdered By Police


“I can’t breathe.”
These were the last words of several Black men before they were killed by police.

Black people have been brutally murdered by police in several countries around the world since the beginning of time. History shows that even before a formal police presence was established, Black men have been unfairly targeted and regulated. Today, little to no justice has been given to these victims of police brutality.

The victims we that we talk about, and several others, can be heard pleading in agony “please, I can’t breathe.” The killers displayed no mercy or humanity in these moments. It is sad to say, but it is the truth: many police officers will stop at nothing to limit the life of Black men. Thankfully, we live in an era where bystanders record these horrific incidents; thus, undoubtedly proving that these terrible acts are occurring in this day and age.

Some people are even broadcasting these incidents on social media. Unfortunately, even though some officers know that they are being recorded, they do not stop inflicting excessive and fatal force upon their victims. Death is the only thing that stops the police from ending their abuse. Why would you kill a helpless and helpless person who is outnumbered and in handcuffs? How is your life is in danger by a man who is in chains?

TRIGGER WARNING: The footage in the videos below display aggressive violence and may be very disturbing to watch.

We offered our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of police brutality. Originally, you would think that the police are and should be men and woman of the law. We would expect them to serve and protect all people. Rather, it appears that the lives of Black people are exempt from this policy. Recent news shows that police are often very violent towards the Black people they detain.

Would you believe these same police officers have families kids, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, moms and dads too? So how can you be so heartless, knowing that could be your family members could have been killed in a very similar fashion. Black people have been dehumanized for centuries. We pray that the Lord will protect Black lives and shine His light upon Black people in this world.

These are the men who said “I can’t breathe” as their last words.

(1) Javier Ambler

Javier Ambler

On March 28, 2019, 40-year- old Javier Ambler was stopped by Texas sheriffs for failure to dim his headlights for oncoming traffic. The officers repeatedly used a stun gun on Mr. Ambler. While on the ground, Ambler could be heard pleading for his life with his last breath. Before he died by the hands of the police, cried “please, I can’t breathe.” We all hope righteous justice is and will be served on his behalf. May God rest his soul.

(2) Micheal Sabbie

Micheal Sabbie

On July 22, 2015, Micheal Sabbie was an inmate at the Bi-state justice center which sits on the border between Texas and Arkansas. The video above shows multiple officers taking down Mr. Sabbie. All officers were using maximum and excessive force. He cried and pleaded that he could not breathe, yet the officers continued to detain him with extreme force until he was dead. They dragged him and later dropped his lifeless body in his jail cell. His last words were I can’t breathe.”

(3) Derrick Scott

Derrick Scott

On May 20, 2019, at approximately 1:40 pm the Oklahoma Police Department attempted to arrest Derrick Scott. The officers began to pursue and detain Scott with excessive force. Derrick cried out in a distressing voice “I can’t breathe,” and one of the officers replied, “I don’t care.” This video was kept a secret and was not released until after the death of George Floyd in 2020 occurred. It was protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement that demanded the video of Scott’s arrest and death to be released. His last words were“I can’t breathe.”

(4) Eric Garner

Eric Garner

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was arrested and died due to suffocation at the hands of the New York Police Department. Mr. Garner was standing on the side of the street selling loose cigarettes when he was confronted by officers of the NYPD. Garner was tackled to the ground with excessive force. As an officer held Garner in a chokehold, he cried out saying “I can’t breathe.” Those were his last words before he died.

(5) George Floyd

George Floyd

The death of George Floyd led the entire world to protest police brutality. For several weeks, protesters have been rallying and chanting “Black lives matter!” Now, we have all had enough. People of different races are joining the anti-Black racism protests. It is time for justice. The police officers that murdered Floyd should be judged and given a sentence that matches the severity of their crime.

Some people argue that these victims did commit crimes; however, this does not give the police any right to take their lives. In all the videos, all the victims were outnumbered and in handcuffs. Despite this fact, and the cries of the victims saying “I can’t breathe,” the preservation of Black life does not seem to be important to the police.

All lives were equally created by God.

No one should be treated less than the other. The police have cultivated a reputation that is to be fear by all Black people. Even Black kids are terrified by the presence of the police. Thankfully this female officer is kind-hearted and was brave enough to say we are not all bad. Hats off to her.

A kind hearted female police officer.⁹

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