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The negro league & Discrimination in Sports


In baseball, the Negro League opened many doors to Black men to be included in professional sports.

In the past, black men and women were not given the opportunity to participate in professional sports leagues. Racism was embedded in all aspects of society, and it limited the opportunities available to Black athletes. If an opportunity was given to a black athlete, it was never as extensive of that given to athletes of other races. Although in baseball, efforts to integrate players were initiated, it took a long time for the change to actually occur.

In general, sports, like everything else, had always been dominated by white athletes. Even though there were many Black sportsmen and women who were very good at sports, they were not allowed to participate regardless of how much they could help the team. There is a stereotype that Black people may be better athletes because of biological differences. Despite this belief, the other belief that Black people were inferior outweighed any idea of athletic superiority. This idea served as the foundation for segregation and racism towards Black athletes in baseball and other professional sports leagues.

Throughout history, Black people were classed as the less fortunate and were given few opportunities because of the colour of their skin.

Whether it is a child or an adult no matter what the situation was or might be, prejudice and hate was still directed towards. Even still today people think that Black people do not belong amongst them. Although some laws have changed to include Black people in mainstream society, there are still elements of racial bias present.

The treatment of Black people in baseball and sports is still unjust and discriminatory. In the sports industry, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still struggling to find a team to play for. During 2017, Kaepernick kneeled during the National Anthem and was facing a contract suspension before he decided to become a free agent.

The Negroe Leagues created the path that would lead to integration in baseball.

The Negro Leagues were a set of United States professional baseball teams predominantly made up of Black athletes. There were also Latino players present on some of these teams, although their presence was significant less. In 1885, the Cuban giants created and formed the world’s first professional Black baseball team.

In August 2020, Major League Baseball announced that they were celebrating the 100 anniversary of the Negro Leagues. Throughout their Negro League festivities, the MLB honoured the history of the Negro Leagues and celebrated the talented Hall-of-Fame worthy athletes who weren’t able to play in the major leagues. What a history Black athletes have come from?! Although the Negro Leagues were born from hate and discrimination, it has opened doors for all Black sportsmen and women. It birthed talent and courage. Since then, many Black champions have been rightfully crowned.

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