21 Apr 2021

Elevate and Overcome

Some people thinks that Jacob Blake situation could of handled differently.

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, Police were called to a domestic violence dispute between Jacob and his girlfriend. She said he was not supposed to be at her home or anywhere close to her. Upon arrival, the police attempted to arrest 29-year-old Jacob Blake. Mr. Blake was ordered to stop, but he kept walking towards his vehicle. The police officers continued to follow him while their guns remained pointing at him. Officers attempted to stop him by using their stun guns, but that did not work. He was shot 7 times after he opened the SUV driver’s side door and reached for an object inside the vehicle. At that time the shooting accrued,Blak e’s sons were in the backseat of the SUV.

Court records showed that there was an open arrest warrant against Mr. Blake for sexual assault and domestic abuse charges. The police have not said if officers were aware of this when they responded to the call on Sunday. Wisconsin’s Department of Justice is investigating the shooting incident in Kenosha. Meanwhile, the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. A petition from Jacob’s parents, family members, friends and protesters are calling for the officers to be formally charged. The petition has garnered tens of thousands of signatures.


Update on Blake’s current condition

The family’s lawyer Ben Crump told reporters in a press conference on Tuesday, His family said that they believe in miracles, but the medical diagnosis right now is that he is parallelized. Those bullets severed his spinal cord and shattered some of his vertebrae and it is going to take a miracle for Jacob Blake Jr to ever walk again. Let us not point fingers but let us pray for peace in this world. We all are God’s children and all life matters. May the good Lord have mercy on us all and keep us safe.

We must be slow to destroy the things we did not create as life is a gift from God. Cherish all life as we would like the same value and respect in return. Remember your family, your kids, when the decision to end a life is placed in your hands.

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