18 Apr 2021

Elevate and Overcome

There are some celebrity couples who have passed the test of time. Read our list of celebrity couples who define #RelationshipGoals!

Not all celebrity marriages fall apart. Some celebrities have been married for a very long time and continue to maintain strong relationships today.

True love is a demonstration and not a topic. Marriage should not be taken for a joke. It is a commitment, not an experiment. True love does exist, which is why we wrote this article. It never dies and never gets weary. If we look through magazines, headlines news, and articles, we will often see that another celebrity relationship or marriage has fallen apart. As a celebrity, everything is in the fast lane and on the go; however, this rule does not apply to all celebrity relationships.

There are some celebrity couples that show us that we shouldn’t quit when the going gets tough. These relationships have demonstrated what a perfect real-life definition of true love really is. We give credit to those who were married for a long time, and also to those who are still married today. Everyone has an ideal couple that we admire and aim to mould our relationships after. In this article, you will read about some amazing celebrities whose longlasting relationships are an inspiration for our love-lives.

Congratulations to these long-lasting marriages!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Married in 2009
Status: Currently Married (11 years)

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship started in either 1999 or 2000. When the two first met, sparks flew; however, Beyonce was just 19. The couple took things slow, not dating one another right away. Clearly, the two like each other enough because Jay-Z decided to “put a ring on it.”

Bey and Jay married in 2008. Despite being in love, there have been many challenges that the two have faced. From rumours to infidelity, the pair has faced it all. Nevertheless, they are still one of Hollywood’s power couples. With an empire and three kids, they’ve emerged from the storm and seem to be doing just fine.

Haters are damned. I guess having charmed lives can help weather the publicity storm.

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham were at a 1986 charity event when they met. The same year The Oprah Winfrey Show began its tenure. Lady Oprah and Stedman keep the details of their relationship on the down-low, but they could not hide their undeniable chemistry. Look closely and you can spy their genuine affection.

Despite being together for a long time, the couple never married. They forewent walking down the aisle but still maintained a long-lasting relationship.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Married: April 30, 1988
Status: Currently Married (31 years)

Both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are both high profile Hollywood actors. Hanks is well-known for his critically acclaimed roles, like Forrest Gump. Wilson is a prolific actress herself, most recently appearing as the high-maintenance Evie on HBO’s Girls.

The two met while filming the cross-dressing comedy, Bosom Buddies, in 1981. Wilson played the Lucifer-loving romantic interest to Hanks’ co-star, Peter Scolari. Three years later, Hanks starred with her in Volunteers, and sparks flew. In time, Hanks left his unhappy marriage, and Wilson broke up with her fiancée. In an interview, Wilson said, “I didn’t know what being in love was until I met Tom.” The couple wed in 1988.

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

Married: July 4, 1982
Status: Currently Married (37 years)

Sharon is a rock manager and the risqué yet delightful co-host of The Talk. Ozzy, who is also dubbed Prince of Darkness, is the lead singer for the metal ban “Black Sabbath.” The two met through Sharon’s father, Don Arden, who was famously managing Black Sabbath.

Arden’s 17-year-old daughter first met frontman Ozzy Osbourne in the early 1970s. By 1979, Ozzy was a solo act, and Sharon was his lover and manager. The two wed in 1982 and the rest is a history filled with bat-biting, drugs, alcohol, and reality-shows.

Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson

Married 1983
Status: Currently Married (37 years)

They look so good together!

Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson have been together for over four decades. Wow! They met in 1977 on the set of Wilma. The two began dating shortly after that. In an interview with Live with Kelly and Ryan Washington said, ‘ “I met her then, but I didn’t meet her then,” he explained of their time on the set. “I saw her then.”

Before tying the knot in 1983, Pearson turned down Washington’s proposal twice! They do say that the third time is the charm because when Washington proposed the third time, Pearson finally said yes. The couple wed on June 25, 1983, and renewed their vows in 1995.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Together since 1983
Status: Dating (37 years)

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s famous love story is worthy of the big screen. Though they’ve starred opposite each other in several romantic features including Swing Shift and The One and Only. According to Hawn in an interview with BBC Radio 4, their relationship took a while to kindle. This was due to their 5 year age difference. When the pair met, Hawn was 21 and Russell was 16.

Nevertheless, we would say that the relationship was worth the wait. Despite the age difference, the couple began dating on Valentine’s Day in 1983. Since that day thirty-seven years ago, the two have lived a happy life together and have blended their loving families.

Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens

Married 1954
Status: Currently Married (66 YEARS)


Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens have been married since 1954. This is longer than most people in Hollywood have been alive! How has it lasted so long? That’s easy; as we previously mentioned, true love never dies. Douglas said “I just told my wife, if you ever leave me, I’m going with you!”

They’re an adorable couple that has weathered the temptations of Hollywood sin. They are truly doing better than most people in and out of Hollywood. They’ve got an enormous, famous family, a great fortune, and an amazing relationship.

Douglas and Buydens are the real deal. This is what real marriage and true love are all about. The world should have more couples like these two. We can all learn something from a positive outcome of good relationships. Love and marriage some of the most precious gifts in life, and are not to be taken as a joke.

What do you think the secret to a long-lasting relationship is?

Who is your favourite celebrity couple?

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