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What is the Great Depression?


The Great Depression is by far the world’s worst economic crisis in history, and COVID-19 is coming close to it.

Please keep in mind that is not intended to relive history. Our goal is to motivate and inspire people around the globe. We always remember God’s grace and mercies in everything we do. No matter what you are going through, things will and must get better in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

What caused the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was generated by World War II. Consequently, many people were left without food or jobs. As a result, the economic crisis caused many families to lose their homes. Moreover, the world leaders were left with little to no options on how to revive their economy. As years passed the crisis got worst and dramatically left the entire world in a state of deprivation. Consequently, creatures across the planet cried in hunger and poverty. The Great Depression lasted 10 years; however, the worse was yet to come in 1929.

The worse occurred around October 24, 1929, otherwise known as Black Thursday. Stock speculators were shaken and began to panic. It was plastered across newspapers; the New York Stock Exchange had experienced massive declines in wild trading, with a record 12.8 million shares sold. Unfortunately, thousands of accounts were wiped out when banks and businesses crashed.

As a result, many trading stocks were affected and companies declared tremendous losses in share prices that were invested by nations globally wide. Companies were forced to sell themselves, and practically every stock finished the days after the initial start of the economy’s downfall. The world was in a great depression.

For a decade, the world experienced an incomparable economic downfall.

The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world, lasting from 1929 to 1939. During the Great Depression, millions of jobs were lost because businesses were forced to close. As they were abandoned, millions of people were left with very few options to earn money. As a result, homes and shelters were lost because people could not afford them.

Additionally, food banks ran out of supplies and had closed down. Similar to businesses, schools had to shut down because there was not enough money to pay teachers’ salaries. Consequently, people were crying out how much more can they take.

Nevertheless, all was not lost. Even though many industries were shut down, above all, one thing was not lost. This was the house of worship. In other words, the church was not affected during the Great Depression. Glory to God!

In short, it was by God’s grace and mercies that leaders around the world found the courage to fight back. Most of all humanity managed to survive. In those times humanity was strong and they practiced faith and patience with a lot of praying. They hoped that things will turn around. God heard the praise and the cries of his people and he had the compassion to begin answering their prayers.

Afterwards, the world began to wake up and become alive again. During this time, businesses slowly opened up one by one. Slowly, jobs were regained in Jesus’ name. The world was in a better place for the first time in a decade. In short, the world was given a fresh start.

Now, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has emerged from China and is threatening to damage the world’s economy even more than the Great Depression.

How did the world start to recover the economy during the Great Depression?

To sum it up, it was all started by war. Additionally, it was also a war that forces evil leaders of nations out of power. After the war ended, the world was able to regain control of the economy. To all wicked nations around the world, remember this world belongs to God. It is not yours to control. You may try to destroy it but God will raise a mighty army to knock you out of power. Leave God’s world alone in peace.

To all those who are going through your crisis hold on to God. His grace and mercies endureth forever.

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