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How is God’s presence everywhere at the same time?


Unravelling the mysteries of God and understanding His ways.

How is God’s presence everywhere at the same time? Have you ever wondered how God’s presence could be everywhere at the same time? It is amazing how our universe is so humongous yet God’s presence continues to be everywhere, right? Well, do not let your heart be troubled. God’s physical presence is only in Heaven; however, His spirit is everywhere.

God dispatches his angels all over the universe to distribute his Holy Spirit. Subsequently, the Holy Spirit pervades the atmosphere when true worship takes place. That is why Heaven is above all of God’s creations. This is so He can look down at the entire universe at the same time.

One final question, do you still believe that God leaves His Heaven to come to your rescue, walk among us, or join our congregation?

43 Israel, Lord who created you says, 1“Do not be afraid I will save you. I have called you by name you are mine.
When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you;
    your troubles will not overwhelm you.
When you pass through the fire, you will not be burned;
    the hard trials that come will not hurt you.
For I am the Lord your God, the holy God of Israel, who saves you.
I will give up Egypt to set you free; I will give up Ethiopia and Seba.
I will give up whole nations to save your life, because you are precious to me and because I love you and give you honour.
Do not be afraid I am with you!“From the distant east and the farthest west, I will bring your people home.
I will tell the north to let them go and the south not to hold them back.
Let my people return from distant lands, from every part of the world.
They are my own people, and I created them to bring me glory

God has chosen who will understand His ways.

Understanding God’s ways have always been mysterious to us all. The truth of the matter is, no one can fully understand all of God’s ways except for Jesus. Nevertheless, God has educated some chosen individuals to teach His words and ways to the rest of His children. The fact of the matter is, in this case, God’s chosen children are the ones who wrote the Bible.

The Bible is written in parables. Yes! The Bible is written in short stories that illustrate moral and spiritual lessons. This is what makes God’s ways so mysterious. When you become intimate with God He will show you His ways. God will unravel the mysteries that you are struggling with. Seek first the kingdom and all righteousness will be added onto you.

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