18 Apr 2021

Elevate and Overcome

Life is like a mountain climb. Sometimes we must start the climb and when you get to the first ledge take a break, get refreshed and continue.

This article is written by a guest writer.

We often reflect on life’s journey.

The past number of years has been a difficult one for me and my family. They have been filled with successes but also many, many falls.  I remember there were many a night lying in bed and asking God if things would get any better for us.  When would my tests change into testimonies?  I remember saying “Lord just give me a break in the battles.  Just a break Lord so that I can catch my breath.”

One night a thought came to me. Life’s journey is similar to that of a mountain climber. It is all about taking one ledge at a time.  You cannot stand at the bottom of the mountain and look up because you will never see the top.  You must focus on getting from ledge to ledge.  Start the climb and when you get to the first ledge take a break, get refreshed and continue. 

Do not focus on all the obstacles and challenges you will face along the way.  Focus on getting to this next ledge. Sit. Breathe. Get refreshed.  God is at the top cheering you on and reminding you he will be there waiting for you.  Remember Ecclesiastes 9:11 says the race is not for the swift nor the battle for the strong.  Mathew 24:13 encourages us to endure to the end.

Let’s remember to stay steadfast and true to the call.

So, like mountain climbers, we should not veer to the left nor the right; rather, we should stay on the path God has placed us on.  Since we know not what tomorrow will bring, all we have is the moment we a living in.  Live for God at that moment and make every minute acceptable in His sight.  Tackle that ledge with all the courage, fearlessness and will God has given you. Refresh yourself when you need to. Finally, meet Jesus at the top.

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