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How to Discover the voice of God


Knowing God’s voice is a very instrumental part of your Christian life

How to Discover the voice of God As a pastor and a believer of God, I am often asked about the voice of God. Firstly I must say in order to know God’s voice you must know God. Therefore, many people do not know the voice of God even when he talks directly to them. To be honest, I believe that the most important factor here is listening to God’s voice. There are so many of you who are sitting and anticipating hearing from God. Believe me, God speaks to everyone every day.

You will begin to hear the voice of God only if you become intimate with him. You must allow yourself to get closer to him. Becoming one in spirit with our Lord is one of the most incredible steps you can ever take. You must not leave room for doubts in your heart. Therefore, you have to be steadfast and vigilant.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

We must stop looking for pleasures in worldly things that are ungodly. Seek first his kingdom and not attention in the wrong place. For me, I had to create and surround myself with a quiet atmosphere and shut out the world to become one spirit with God. Then, I was able to hear his voice clearly and pay attention to the things that mattered most. The devil comes and messes with your mind, and this is where temptation starts.

being intimate with God

When you are been tempted to do something ungodly, and you hear voices in your head saying no, that is the voice of God right there talking to you. However, do you listen? Reflecting on your actions and finding situations where you have ignored God’s voice is a good place to start. Also, connect with your past and relive those moments. You must find your answers there. Therefore, if you looking for a way How to Discover the voice of God considers becoming intermate with him.

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