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Making a leap of faith towards success

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Faith is the key to any accomplishment

We all have desires to accomplish something in life’s journey; however, not everything we desire comes easy. One vital thing you must remember is in everything we do, we must have Faith. Anticipation builds up by the minute and that makes your goals seem harder to achieve. In some cases, you may have to meet specific terms and conditions first to have an actual shot at that accomplishment. Additionally, you will need to save a deadline or budget your money to be qualified to reach that goal. Sometimes, all we need is to take a leap of faith towards success.

Let’s make an example. When trying to buy a house you have to meet all kinds of financial and credit conditions. Sometimes it seems as if you will never meet these criteria. It’s like every step you make forward, you always end up with 3 steps going backwards. Ultimately, without faith, we fail at every attempt we have made.

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My real-life leap of faith was successful.

Just recently in 2017, my wife and I bought a house. It was that leap of faith that made it possible for us. For years, our deepest desire was to own a home for our family. Both my wife and I had very bad credit. We believed our credit was the worse possible credit that my eyes have ever seen. For 15 years I, in particular, would face difficulty finding and keeping a job. I still can’t understand why this is happening. That being said, my wife was the one holding down the fort.

We had given up on trying after so many doors closed in our faces. Nevertheless, one day I called her and told her we should try again just one last time. Still, we had no savings, and our credit was no better. My wife had a credit card with a $300 limit. Yes, that’s was all we had for the real estate agent. We made the leap of faith, God saw our effort, and he favoured us.

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Our faith made our dreams a reality

Because of our leap of faith, we found out that we had some money viable for us. We never knew about it for years. We collected that money, yet our credit was still a mess. When we went to the relator and explained our situation, I pleaded with that agent. My exact words wereI know do still do not have the eligibility requirements but we know we can do this. We are only looking for one person to fight for us. We just need one person to give us this one chance. I know we can do this”.

Even then, God was working on our behalf. We got that one chance we always hoped for. Our house was bought based on our faith. Not only did we get our dream home, but we were able to purchase new furniture for the entire family. We are happy that we made this leap. We had nothing but our faith. Because of faith, our dreams became reality. Thank you, Lord, for having compassion on us. Our praise is with you all. We hope that God will favour you in your leap of faith.

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