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How do I get what other people have?


How to be guilt-free from envy and jealousy

How do I get what other people have? We are living in a world where our environment is polluted with envy, jealousy, immorality, and pride. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful; however, the thought that someone will be in the quest for someone else blessing is sad. In reality, the questions to ask are ”do I know how they get there? What did they have to do to get what they have?”

lusting after other people’s achievements

The answer is you may not want to know. Yes, some people work very hard to earn what they have accomplished. They accumulate their wealth legally. For some, they honestly have been given their blessing as a gift or inheritance. On the other hand, the untold stories of such achievements may never be revealed. Therefore, you must not want what your neighbours have.

The uncertainty of what other people have and what they did to get there

Some people have done some very dangerous and evil things. Some have done illegal business to have the things you see they have. Believe it or not, some have also done very ungodly things, too. Therefore, you should not want what you see others have. Instead, you should be determined to accumulate your own, by working hard and slowly achieving your dreams, and setting goals.

In addition, we must remember Jesus’ words in Mark 10:25

“verily I say unto you. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Mark 10:25

You will never enjoy the wealth you have accumulated from greed

wealthy lifestyle

You should strive to accomplish your own goals. This life we have is not ours. It belongs to God. He can take it back at this very minute. Therefore, we must not make life focused on wealth and material things. Being successful is the ultimate dream for everyone. However, not everyone is willing to be a go-getter and go after their goals the slow and legal way. We all know we are living in a world where the theme is to get rich and rapidly by all means. Evil-minded people feel it is acceptable to take from others even if they have to end someone’s life. We have seen it on the news where greed had claimed the lives of so many people of all ages.

Therefore, most people you see living a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle are hypothetical. You should not live your life based on how others live their own. You should find your unique inspiration. Seek God’s grace, mercies, and guidance. He will set you on a path of righteousness. When you put God in your future he will lead you to the appropriate destination.

We can not do anything with our wealth at the end of our life

As heartbreaking and sad as it gets, we already know at the end of this life, we will leave all this behind. We will pass away and be gone leaving everything that we have owned behind. The grave is also for both the rich and the poor. So, why want what other people have? Why spend all your life trying to be someone or something you are not? As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. If God chooses to bless me with specific things accord to his will then may his name be praised forever.

”Always remember that God’s ways are never our ways. Someone else’s blessings were never meant for you. You need to seek your own. When you are patient and you seek God’s first you will find contentment in his ways’.’ A quote from our team here from

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