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Mistakes I’ve made vs mistakes I am about to make


Mistakes will happen because we are humans

Before you exit this article, I hope you will take the time to read this entire post. Mistakes are so very easy to occur with satan’s persistence. We often act before thinking about the consequences that follow our actions. There are no age limits for a person to make mistakes. Additional there is no Mr. Perfect and Mrs. Right. As humans, we will all be tempted to do things that are unlawful and ungodly.

The Bible tells us in Romans 3:23″ For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” Therefore as humans, we are all expected to make mistakes in our journey in life. However, God never said that we’re entitled to make mistakes. Reading the bible will educate you on things that are right or wrong. Also, you will learn from Romans 13:1-2 “Obey the laws of the land.” For those who refuse to obey the law of the land and God, they can expect punishment will follow.”


How did I manage to make such of mistake?

our mistakes have pain

Mistakes commonly happened when there are no considerations for your actions. Let us reflect on the things that you have done, that hurt other people. Also, things that got you into trouble with the law, and things that will make you lose your place in heaven. If you had thought about what is going to happen, you might have avoided that mistake. Have you paid attention to the voice in your head telling you no this is wrong?

We can not blame anyone for the mistakes we have made. You followed your path even if you are influenced by others. However, it was you that made the final decision to proceed. Additionally in most cases, the people that influenced you did not stand with you. You are on your own when you get caught. You must remember that God will pardon you but the law will not. A mistake can ruin your life forever.

Recurring mistakes are just plain out stupidities

Normal individuals should not make the same mistakes that they already had been punished for. It is not possible to fall into the same trap when you keep positive thoughts. You still keep the same friends that are encouraging you to do wrong things.

Ask yourself this question what I do intend to accomplish by being so ignorant? Your mistakes should make you a wiser individual. A person’s future depends on the choices they made and how they lived their life. Not only does your mistake ruin your life but it can also hurt your kids in the future.

Allowing yourself to fall for the devil traps periodically is only giving you a one-way ticket to hell. Your choices and behaviour demonstrate how much you value yourself. Also when you are constantly getting into trouble it jeopardizes any opportunity for a prosperous future.


No school or quality company will be interested in hiring you. Travelling will also become very difficult for you. When punished by the law the record stays with you for a very long time. Mistakes can also be very sinful and you will personally have to answer to God. No one can forgive you for your sins. Not even a priest that some individuals go to, can forgive you of your sins. That role belongs to God.

Your life is valuable so don’t fall for satan’s tricks and allow him to lead you astray. Being vigilant and mindful will open doors and allow you to make wiser decisions. Simple things such as sayings hurtful things to someone can be a mistake and that can also be very destructive.

realizing your mistake

The mistakes you are about to make

Now that you know how you have destroyed your life and others by the mistake you made. Let us take a minute to think about the punishment. Maybe your previous mistakes or crime was somehow pardoned or forgiven. Maybe the justice system decided to go easy on you. What makes you think that this time it would be the same? Think about your family, kids, parents, spouses. How can you put them through this again? Are you ready to bring shame to them again?

The mistake you are about to make may even generate a steeper punishment than in the past. This time you may also lose your life even to death. can you live with the guilt of your actions bringing death into the lives of those you love and support? How is this showed you have valued yourself? What moral value are you displaying?

Not everyone gets a second chance in life. So if you are still free, that means you have been given another opportunity to make it right. However, you have to make your life worth something and walk away from these thoughts and behaviours. You still have a chance to fix these mistakes.

Make the best of the life you’ve been given. The decisions you are about to make could save or ruin your life. So do not let the devil get a hold of your life. You must take charge of your actions. God gave you the power to steer your path. My brother my sister you are worth far more than that. This mistake you are about to make can be unforgiven. You know it is wrong, please save yourself from shame and condemnation. Listen to the voice of God and save yourself. You are a better and happier person for it.

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