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How to stop the devil from messing with you.


You control how much the devil messes with you

How to stop the devil from messing with you? Firstly, let us start off by acknowledging, God never gave the devil power over you. However, God gave the devil dominion over the earth, and not over you. It is important to know your worth. In order for anyone to move forward in life, you must have your values as a Christian.

There are many areas in our life in which we struggle with. In addition, these struggles have been continuously active for years, and now it is at an overwhelming point. Believe it or not, our way of living has added contributions to that endless hardship. Therefore, we should fall back on god’s words. Mathew 6:33 ‘’seek first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness will be added onto you’’.


sowing a precious seed on how to stop the devil from messing with you

Sowing a seed will be the ultimate weapon we need to secure stability in our daily walk with God. Also, you will learn where you have been making the wrong turn, over these years of fighting depression. However, now is the perfect time to gain complete access to management over your struggles. Now let us analyze how powerful this method will be.

God gives everyone his way of living. Also, he will provide a path, on which he wants us to travel. Should we choose God’s way, and follow his path, we are going to be victorious. Therefore, Satan and his demons will see and know your heart. On the contrary, however, by choosing our own ways and path, we are allowing the devil to manage our life. Additionally, Satan becomes aware that you do not want god’s ways. That is the mistake Satan sits and waits for everyone to make.

When the devil acknowledged that someone does not want God’s ways, he knows that he will be able to push you around, as much as he wants to. The devil knows that you are going against God’s given instructions. Therefore, your security system is weak, and your parameters are penetrable.

you must always put God first in your situations

know God’s word

Proverbs 3:5-6 5Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. Therefore, should you choose to accept god’s ways, and follow his given path you will be guaranteed maximum security? No devil in hell can break through the walls that God has built around you.

Now the devil knows that you are covered by god, and you have the army of god matching around you. He is not going to give up, but he will, and he must proceed with caution, in the mighty name of Jesus. Now can you see how you turn the page around, and who is in authority? Additionally, now you can say it loud and proud, ‘I AM IN AUTHORITY OF MY LIFE”. Give God some praise wherever you are

In conclusion, you have sowed the seed of God’s ways in your life, and you have chosen to follow his ways. Your path is now clearer. Therefore, you shall rip what you sowed. There is an old phrase, “No one has planted corn and gotten peas.” Plant a seed in every struggle in your life, and how to master the climb.

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