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When Is the world ending?


Find out who knows when the would will end

When is the world ending? No one knows when the world will end, not even the angels in heaven. However, the end is sooner than you imagined. Should you be concerned about the world ending, my best advice is to repent. As you can see for yourself, this world is crumbling. Therefore, it is now believed that the world is ending

Firstly, Coronavirus is not from God, but he is allowing it to prolong so that we would turn to him. Stop worshipping idols and false gods. Have you looked around you in the country in which you are living in?  Especially in countries where people do not believe in god. The devastation from coronavirus in those countries is growing by the hour. However, we are now in search of the answer when is the world is ending?

Additionally, millions around you are dying, where is your god now? your god is not real. Therefore, only God in heaven can stop this virus and save you. Repent today and be safe. If we all do not come to Jesus, this covid19 might as well be the beginning of the end. Also, this world will end before the time God had planned for his rapture. However, the question of when the world is ending? is at the tip of most of our tongues.


Unravelling the truth about the world ending

The book of revelations in the bible prophesizes all the signs and things that will come to pass when the end is near. Therefore, the end has already begun. Also, Jesus has already left his thrown and he is on his way. No one can seem to fix this crisis this world is facing. If you are a parent, I am almost certain you have been asked by your kids, when is the world is ending?

Crime and violence are raging everywhere, also, strange sickness, disease, and STD are being discovered daily, all over the world. Changes in global warming and abnormal weather behaviours are popping up on the entire planet. Kids are being born from kids even in your very own home. Destruction of disasters has become a trending topic on every social media platform and news station.

The rich men are getting richer, and the pore is getting poorer. Therefore, if you read the revelations, you must know the end has begun. We are living in an uncertain time; our only assurance is to turn to Jesus. The bible said in John 14:6 “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Also, evil men are in a quest for ways to take over the world. they are led by their greed, and man now wants to rule the world.

God will destroy the world and take away his chosen people.

God created this world and only he can rule it, but he has seen the heart of the wicked men. Now he is showing us all who the real God is and who the ruler is, and he will unleash his wrath on this earth. Therefore, believe and mark these words is going to get worse at the hands of god. Only his choice will escape this suffering.

In conclusion, we all can admit that this world is in a state where no one is safe unless we are covered by the only true God. You have already seen the destruction. The bible must be fulfilled; therefore, more signs will come to pass that the world is ending. However, God is still giving us time and a chance to repent and serve him. Follow him today and secure your spot in his kingdom. Do you honestly want to be a part of this world when the end comes? The answer to this question is no.

Not even the wicked men want to witness the wrath of God. So, let’s unravel the truth, this world is ending, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I am a man with a family of 5 and as a pastor, I have made it my duty for my household to serve God. We are not going to be left behind. You can be saved too. Only if you accept Jesus and serve God. No one knows the day or the hour of the end of the world. The reality is yes this world is ending. The time is rapidly approaching, and god anger is building.


What if the end of the world is this very night

Coronavirus is raging in your country, this is God’s sending a message to you, your false god cant help you because it is not real. Think about this the countries where coronavirus hit the hardest is those that are not godly nations. It is time to obey and listen while you still have the chance. this is the time to get your act together and stop filling yourself with the idols. stop listening to false teaching as to who the real god is

God is patient, he is the only God that hears, and he is the only God that answers prayers. If you are calling out to your god in this time of need, and you get no answers then it is not real. Serve a real God who is merciful and holy. When this world ends be protected by the only 1 living God which at in heaven. The end of the world could be this very night, but no one knows.

The day is coming when everyone will fall on their knees and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, the end will come upon us like a thief in the night. However, that day might be too late, the time is now to accept serving God. the world will end soon than later and many people will perish with it. you chose whether you want to continue to serve false gods or the only real God who is in heaven.

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