4 reasons to believe that you are ungrateful


Being ungrateful and can not acknowledge is devise God

4 reasons to believe that you are ungrateful. There are many other reasons for acts of ungratefulness. However, in this article, we are going to emphasize those, that are most commonly noticeable. Firstly, before we proceed, I will show how you have degraded yourself from being ungrateful. Also, we will show you how blind you are to your dreadful actions.

No matter how little you have, you should give God almighty thanks. Acts of ungratefulness deceive God; it is his choice that he chose to bless you with whatever you have. Therefore, there are no justifications that can ever explain the actions of an ungrateful individual. You have hurt your kids, your significant other, friends, and most of all you hurt God your provider.

Reason #1 to believe that you are ungrateful

Parents, when you believe your kids were a mistake, and that they ruined your life. There is no measurement to determine the level of your ungratefulness. No child asked to be born, it was you that choose to go have sex. Apart from that couple minutes of pleasure. Sex comes with consequences, such as STDs and pregnancies. However, that is not the case if you were forced against your own free will.

If you were forced against your free will to have sex and ended up as a result of pregnancy. We are sorry to hear that. Even then that is still not a valid reason to hate your child, the child is innocent. Do you know how many millions of people around this world currently? Who is trying everything they can in their power to have their own child?

Additionally, some people are suffering from depression because they cannot get conceive. You however have had that blessed opportunity to bear a child. How can you be so ungrateful and call your child a mistake? You should accept your responsibilities.

Reason #2 to believe that you are ungrateful


Children, in conjunction with reason #1. You are no different if you hate your parents. Just because they will not allow you to have your own way. You are never content with anything they give you, nothing your parents did for you is appreciated. However, you allow envy and jealousy to overcome you by wanting what you see your friends have.

Therefore, you merge into war with your parents. When they told you that you are too young for specific items, events, and activities. Hell breaks loose when they told you they cannot afford the brand-name things you lust after. Frankly, some parents will not show you that they are hurting. They do this just because of the love they have for you. Most nights they cried themselves to sleep, stressing about ways to make you happy. Yet you are still being ungrateful.

In addition, some parents suffered heart attacks and strokes from the way you treated them. Yet you still pay no mind to the sick reality. Some kids in this world will do anything just to even be adopted. They are hoping every day that someone will come in and take them to a place to call home. On the other hand, you have all of that and so much more. Be thankful, you do not own this world.

Reason #3 to believe that you are ungrateful

Spouses, we are living in a world where true love is so difficult to find. To many people, it is difficult achieving success in the dating world. When you find a good man or woman you always find ways to compare them with others. You always find ways to see better qualities in someone else. Also, being unappreciated to the person in your life, that has done everything to make you happy and please you.

The person that you have in your life has everything you asked for. that has become invisible because you are lusting after somebody else spouse. I have heard it with my very own ears. People asked why they could not find someone like my friend’s spouse. Remember a man’s trash could be another man’s treasure, your ungratefulness will take your future.

Reason #4 to believe that you are ungrateful

Individual greed, some people are never happy. They are always lusting for what other people have. you are never appreciated for what you have, always in competition with your neighbours. They curse God every day telling him that you deserve more. When some people around the world have extraordinarily little or nothing, and yet find it a blessing.

Also, a consistent lack of politeness has taken over your mind. Because you feel if you give that other person will have more than you. The more you have the more you want. Therefore, you will even take from the poor and feel no way about it. In case you do not know God is the giver and the taker. He has the power to take even your life with a snap of his fingertips.

It is not too late to make a positive change in your life.

If this article touches your heart and you feel the need to make a change in your life. We will like for you to reach out to us. We will pray with you and for you, it takes a strong-hearted individual to acknowledge the faults. Identifying your life as being ungrateful and working to a positive change. This will Please God and he will be considered reserving a place for you in his father’s mansion in heaven. Let the light of Jesus shine in you.

May the almighty Lord and Savior or our life, create in you a clean heart. let God renew the right spirit within you. May he cast you not away from thy presence but renew your minds and change your ways of thoughts. Let all his children be humble and know that he is God. We will like a comment below.