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Are You In A Dark Place? Let’s Fix That.


Are You In A Dark Place? Hello friends it’s me! Welcome to my first blog. I never wanted it to be something serious but honestly, I think I need to get it off my chest. Not only for me but for others. My name is blue-rxse, you can call me rxse. I’m a 12-year-old girl who felt like writing something because she was bored. I usually would only come back if I’m bored though, but anyway let’s get right into the topic for today. 🙂

So. Although I may not be an adult or an older child, I often feel mentally, emotionally, even physically drained. Due to a lot of things going on in the world and my own personal home, I feel pretty stressed. A lot of other kids may feel the same way, and they can’t seek professional help because their parents would deny and neglect their child’s feelings. This can lead to worse mental health and a deeper state of depression. So, for the people who are looking for help, try looking at this article! This can be directed towards Christians, but I won’t shove the whole article down that topic haha. Let’s go!

“Maybe we’ll be in the sky and the stars someday”

Being positive is hard…

To start, I know being positive in general is very hard. It’s different for everyone, but a lot of people find it very hard to stay positive for the whole day, let alone a long period of time. Personally, I feel the same way. If I’m positive it’s for a short time, then I start to think about many different things again. Here might be some different scenarios for kids like me! so, are you in a dark place? (warning, this might be a little hard to look at)

These might not be the reasons for your sadness. But my job is to sympathize and relate to you while giving the slightest bit of comfort and advice. 🙂

Acknowledge that you’ve been hurt, but stay thankful.

You have to recognize that whether physically or mentally, you have been hurt. You are not okay, because you have lost most of your happiness due to the pain. So regarding this, you have to try your best to think about your future and what you have. Even being thankful alone is really hard considering how depressed we are. But anyway, here’s something to make you stay thankful.

Don’t go on social media first thing in the morning.

Although some people have online friends who really care, social media can lead to having a terrible mindset for the day. You might feel like you’re not enough, or ugly, or fat, or skinny, but no! You’re perfect right there, and you just need to give yourself time to grow into who you were truly meant to be. Blaming yourself and making yourself feel bad won’t make you happy for the day. Instead, try to listen to music that calms you or gives you energy so you can get up, and get ready without feeling like it’s a chore.

Apart from that, you might’ve sinned or done something that upset God and you know it. When it comes across your screen, it’ll make you stress about it for the whole day. In the end, you might just think you won’t make it through life and to Heaven. But as long as you repent and pray to God that He’ll forgive you, He will. Just promise not to make that mistake again and be honest with Him.

Anyways, on the apps you use, avoid whoever or whatever made you do that mistake. Then try to get rid of the bad vibes by listening to music and having a cup of coffee. You can even free-write and have a conversation with your loved ones. Don’t take them for granted too!

I think too much when I’m alone”

Take some time every day for yourself, and make it your “me time.”

What’s sad is that many people, even fellow young kids feel like they don’t deserve anything for themselves. I felt like that at some point. But to start changing that, take time in the day to write, meditate, read the Bible, listen to some music, do something that helps you get the sad feelings out. If you don’t know what helps you, try your best to explore different hobbies and see which one you like.

Many people cry at night so nobody would see them, and that’s almost the best way that they can get some sleep. The only thing I’m asking you to change is to do it in the day instead. If you have to cry, cry all you want. If you have to do something that gets rid of your anxieties and worries, then do it in your ‘me time.’

Trust me, doing this helped a lot because I had time to think through all my worries thoroughly. And even though some of my thoughts fought back and made me upset, I still went and tried to think about everything. So yes, it may have left me damaged, or afraid, but it matured me in a way. I managed to tell myself that it’ll get better another day. Hence why I kept telling myself “one more day,” and I’m still overcoming my sadness. 🙂

Nevertheless, whatever you do try to find the beauty in things around you, and consider talking to yourself about it in your me-time.

Do something that distracts you and helps you move on with your day.

I think many people love to use music or something that they like to think about to move on with their day. I did baking, ukulele and so on. They helped me move on with my day. If you can find something in your area that does the same, try to get as close to it as possible.

My fellow Pinterest users! I’m sure we all know the humorous side of Pinterest. Whether it’s jokes about our unstable emotions or other memes in general, we laugh, we cry, and we relate while supporting each other. I recommend everyone to use Pinterest. It’s been the most nontoxic community I’ve seen and, IT DISTRACTS YOU FROM THE SADNESS! You’ll find yourself looking at other hilarious things that don’t have anything to do with depression. Most importantly, you’ll see more posts and comments that take care of you with kind words. So please go check it out if you want to feel better!

Here’s something that people might not understand. If you feel like you need something to calm you down, NEVER use Twitter. Especially stan Twitter. Many people are very toxic and they often fought with fan wars. Even though they have some pretty good memes, you’ll see yourself running into a very toxic community in the midst of it.

Youtube is a good way to cheer yourself up or distract yourself, I use that as well. Its community is a little bit toxic, but if you listen to slowed music, muffled music, music with rain, etc. you’ll find friendly people who write comments that make you feel better. You can watch the “2000-2016 nostalgia” videos if they make you feel happy about the old times. They make you excited to feel that happiness again in the future.

Talk it out with God.

“Pray so much, that when you get to heaven God will say, “Child, you kept me very busy.”

– ????

Now if you’re a Christian, many of us know that this sadness or stress is temporary, only if you have faith. Talking it out to God and getting all your feelings out there to Him will lift a lot off of your shoulders. If you really can’t get your emotions out to anyone and you’re unable to speak, God knows exactly the feeling you have and he will eventually bless you with a good season of friends, happiness, a new beginning basically.

If you’re not Christian or if you can’t feel the presence of God, speak to an animal, or the walls. Make yourself feel like someone is listening. I know some of you guys are afraid of judgement if you speak to family or friends. But it’s okay, the walls won’t break. They will stay up, listen to you, and keep sheltering you for as long as they can 🙂

So in conclusion…

You might’ve heard these suggestions before. I understand, but again you have to try your hardest this time with it. Make sure you keep up with the things that make you happy at the moment. Yes, you might’ve lost love for the things you used to have an interest in, however that’s just you growing. We get new things to like sooner or later. So anything that can help you get your mind off of the stress, anxiety, depression, peer pressure, and panic can go a long way. For example, I played my ukulele to a lot of songs and eventually became interested in it because I realized that whenever I couldn’t feel the presence of God at the moment, I just went to my ukulele and waited until the overthinking went away. I also baked to my favourite songs from the past and had a whole performance in my kitchen. I won an award as well. And yes, I slew. Thank you very much.


Anyways, enough about me. I may be young with no experience but I feel like it would be cool to reach out to those in need. Apart from that, I can’t wait to see many of you guys getting better through it all, and I hope everything will be okay for you. If you guys want someone to talk to, I’m making a discord server. It comes out when it does, I hope to see some of you guys in there. Have a great day 🙂

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