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How to cope with the mistakes you have made

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How to cope with the mistakes you have made.

Coping with a mistake you’ve made can be extremely stressful. It is imaginable that these are the times when we would be the hardest on ourselves. When we make mistakes, many of us find ourselves questioning who we and the people around us are. Making mistakes can lead to never-ending voices asking us ‘’why did you do it?’’ Sometimes, the grief following the aftermath of our experiences can be too much to bear.

These voices may never go away because most mistakes are permanent. Nevertheless, there is hope. Although some mistakes made in life cannot be fixed, we can formulate plans on how to cope with our mistakes. The reality is some people will point fingers at you; however, God will pardon you.

How does reintegration work in such an uncertain time?

We may not be able to fix our mistakes; however, we can learn to cope with them and learn to live with these mistakes. This process is called reintegration. (The action or process of restoring elements regarded as disparate to unite with society.) This is a perfect opportunity to take back your life. We must stay in control of our life by steering the wheel to words the path of righteousness.

When considering how you want to be successful and how to cope with the mistakes you have made, you have limited options. First, there is God. He will forgive you and restore you if you believe. He will go the extra mile and look beyond your faults to see your needs. God can fix anyone but first, you must let go of the bad habits that caused the mistakes in the first place

The world may have changed, but opportunities are available.

True external change begins in the mind. Change your mindset and reverse the attractions and interests you developed towards the things and people that caused you to stray. There are organizations that specialize in assisting individuals struggling with change. Therefore, you are not alone. Hope and restoration are heading your way. Accept your mistake and look forward to the new chapter in your life through the promise that change brings.

Secondly, services, such as reintegration and rehabilitation programs, are equipped with many resources and tools that can best assist your situation. Community partnerships focused on counselling and self-development are sometimes designed to support the unique aspects of your situation. Here is a link to one of the reintegration services that will try and accommodate your needs. These organizations are committed to providing support with empathy and aim to assist you without judgement.


Stop wrestling with your past. You cannot win.

My friend, stop wrestling with the past. You will not win. The past is gone and cannot be changed; however, you do have the chance to change the direction of your future. Victory comes with persistence while moving towards your goals. There is no need to fight yourself over your past. If you want to be successful in your transformation and progression, you cannot be your own enemy. Be self-motivated and give yourself a break from stressing over your fumbles. Life is never over as long you have breath. You might have to make some changes in your plans as well to reconstruct your future, but your goals can be achieved.

Give back to your community by showing them that you have acknowledged your mistakes and are ready and capable of positive change. You are a changed individual. Prove to everyone you can live to the expectations of your changes and that this is not just a fake way to get forgiveness. Ultimately, if you want to see a change in your life, you will have to make changes. Once you do, you will see a brilliant path to your life that you never thought existed.

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