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How To Understand Teenage Kids?

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How To Understand Teenage Kids? firstly, when it comes to teenagers, to understand them you must put yourself in their shoes. Remind yourself how you were as a teen, compare yourself to them, and see how they are any different from the way you were. Secondly, ask yourself what this kid is doing that you had not done as a teen? Everyone has done crazy and inappropriate things as teenagers.

As a parent or guardians, our goal for our kids is to make sure that they have a better life than we had. We should do everything in our power so that our kids do not make the same mistakes that we had made. Also, as good parents or guardians, we would be at nonstop trying to keep our teens safe and respectful.

You think you know your kids

No one knows their kids; they are one person at home, and out there with their friends they are another. So, we should not believe our kids would never do or get involved with certain things and activities. Yes, you may raise them the right and respectful way but, you must believe that the influence of their so-called friends is greater. this question will always pop up how Do understand Teenage Kids?

Most female teens will do anything possible to get attention or to fitting.  Boy teens will do things to be popular. However, some teenagers are pressured, threatened, and bullied to get involved with things you as a parent warned them not to do. The ongoing mood swings and Constant moping around the house drive us all crazy.

Habits of a teen and how to fix them

Have you noticed unusual habits in your teenagers and wondered where are those coming from? To be honest those strange behaviours are normal for all teens. How To Understand Teenage Kids? You were a teen too so you should already know that. We can fix them by practicing some of these strategies we will discuss later in this article. However, this process will not be easy because teens have minds off, they own, and with them being pressured to do certain things you will have to be constant in this battle.

Teen Girls


Mood swings in the most teen girl are caused by these common factors

Menses. As all females this time of the month can be very frustrating of the discomfort ness and pain that come with menstruation, therefore, you as a woman can relate to this factor. Laziness. Frankly, there is no such thing as a lazy teen. Unless they are sick, and teens are filled with energy don’t be fooled. The main cause of teen laziness is just a simple trick they play on us adults as a way of getting out of doing chores. Of course, they would rather use this time to hang out with their friends or cheat charting on social media. Constantly stays in her room. The privacy needs, 😂 

when they are around you, they feel as if they have been watched. They cannot get to do and say the things they would like, while they are texting and browsing. Sometimes some of the things they are looking at or sending are very inappropriate. So, they are constantly in their rooms where there are alone. Boyfriend issues. The on and off moping around the house is mostly caused when a young girl is having boys’ problems. it may Be a boy that she is crushing on but is not getting any attention from him. Simple arguments with her crush can cause this too. Some girls can be frustrated with the slow development of body parts. Girls get jealous of other girls their age that is fully developed and she is still nowhere close.

Here is a perfect reason why teens don’t want to grow up

Sleeping in late every day. They stayed up extremely late at night charting and hanging out on social media. Even looking at videos of all different categories, inappropriate platforms too. By the time morning comes they only had just gone to sleep. The huge need for brand names or material things. Some girls don’t think that they are pretty without those things. Girls can feel left out easier and think they do not fit in when everyone around them has all those materials. That makes teens very unappreciated of what you as a parent or guardian give them.

Wearing make-up in exaggerations. Most girls are very unpleased with the way they look and will go to an extreme when putting on makeup. She thinks that stands out and this will give them more attention. Raging hormones. Now, this is a tricky one. this is just a reality of this topic not mentioning any of the scientific aspects and values. Girls get less attention than boys get. That is a common reason female teens’ hormones are so much more aggressive than boys. In school to every 1 boy, there might be 10 girls that are giving him attention or even attracted to him. Females on the other hand there might be 3 boys to 1 girl. Let’s face it girls can never get enough or too much attention

Boys are not so different just a few concerns

Teen boys

Additionally, teen boys are not so different, but we can point out a few behaviours in male teens. Those behaviours could be disturbing or concerning to some parents or guardians. Like all teenagers outside negative influences will always be the most common factor why our teens missed behaviours.


You are more than capable of controlling your child’s behaviour

Now you have identified the issues, the way to fix this is not by bribing your kids or making deals with them. Do not be your children’s friend you are not their friend. Remember always you are the parent and the adult. Communicate with them to get to know what is going on in their life. Be involved in every aspect of their life. You will get a much better understanding of your teens when you talk with them.

Also, you must teach them the value of a dollar. Teach your kids self-confidence and that they are worth more than they see themselves. Do not be too harsh with them, be open-minded so they will find it easy to come to you and talk about their issues. believe it, parenting is not hard after all.

This paragraph will not be pleasing to some of you

All these missed behaviours did not just come overnight. They are there and get noticeable as time passed. Sometimes our kids are waiting just for us to see something is wrong with them. They are hoping we would notice and come sit and talk with them. Being involved in your children’s life can make a big difference. How To Understand Teenage Kids? you got this.

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