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What you need to know when choosing your friends

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What you need to know when choosing your friends. Firstly, let’s define what is a friend. A friend is not just someone that is loyal and will keep all your secrets but, still allow or encourage you to do sinful and wrong things. A friend is someone who will guide you on the right path when you are straying. Also, a friend will teach you God’s ways when the devil comes and poison your minds. Friends will never let you get into anything ungodly or lawfully wrong.

Therefore, if your friend sees you are involved in something ungodly, and lawfully wrong and tells you it’s wrong that means they love you and care about you. So never hate your friendsfor telling you the truth you should be grateful for that friend. You should not expect your friend to go to jail or hell for you, that is a ridiculous mentality. The devil comes to influence you with sins and everything wrong.


Did you know that wolf comes in sheep clothing

Secondly, there is an old saying wolf comes in sheep clothing. However, choosing your friends seems easy, but is everyone you are friends with is really your friends? Friends do not come to hurt you or ruin your life. Therefore, with a good friend in your life your path to success, happiness and safety will always be Clare. Let the presence of God be visible in your friend’s life. This article will teach you what you need to know when choosing your friends.

Thirdly, no friend will encourage you wrong however, you as a person should know what is right and what is wrong. That is why as Christians we must keep reading God’s word, to understand what is accepted by God and what is a sin. The friend you chose should respect themself and you as well. Also, even your parents, siblings and spouse should be respected by your friends.

Friends will forgive you and be there for you

Friends would not backstab another or go talk behind your back with other people. If your friend can hold your hand when your feet are shaky and refuse not to, then you need to find a new friend. Your friends will not just take from you but will give, even times when you are not in need. No friend should reproach you. God is against reproaching. The friend that keeps you from the fire is a good friend. Therefore, a friend that pushes you into the pit is not your friend.

It is important What you need to know when choosing your friends because the person you chose as a friend can make you or break your priority should be a success and not a failure. Also, the person you chose as a friend will always have an impact on your life. Your reputation can be reflected in the companion you keep.


Maybe the friend you have is not friend material after all

All those factors to be considered on What you need to know when choosing your friends. After reading this article, we hope that you can point out your friends. Can you tell who is a so call friend and who is your pure friend? Additionally, Maybe the friend you have is not friend material after all. Or maybe there was someone that had been longing to be your friend, but you never gave them that time of day.

For some of you that think that it is too late because you are already lost by the influence of so-called friends. You were warned by your parents or even your real friends, but you did not listen. Now you are suffering from the consequences of the choice you have made. Don’t give up there is always hope, change can happen help is on the way.

Destruction and failures can be avoided

  1. Your faith.
  2. You reputation.
  3. Are you safe?
  4. Your health.
  5. Your future.
  6. The kind of influence they give.

To some of you, it is still time to make your path right before it led you to destruction. Don’t just chose and pick but wait, watch, and learn more about that individual that you are inviting into your life. You must see the path that person is carrying you through. The dangers that hover over your heads. Only you can take control of your life.

In conclusion, you must consider these factors. How is your friend is going to impact your life? by asking yourself Would they make a negative or positive impact on your life? Also, Would I bring shame to myself and my family? Would God be happy with the friend I chose? Would my friends be an example to my kids?


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