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The world you were born in no longer exists

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The world you were born in no longer exists. I indeed woke up this morning with this burden of heaviness sitting on my heart. Therefore, I realize how the world has been disfigured and mistreated by evil men and women. However, I can reflect on some of the wonders of this world, such as landmarks and people that once lived amongst me.

Sadly, I have to say, some of them have been taken away by our fellow humans. Some of our friends, family, siblings, and parents have been taken away by sickness or by an evil man. Rumours of war have circulated the web and on every news station and every social platform.

It is starting to hit more now. I have realized that things are not getting better. I must admit that it is moving from bad to worse. What are we going to do? Who can we turn to but you lord? Only you lord can save us by your grace and mercy. The world you were born in no longer exists


Repent today and be save

Infectious diseases and the incurable virus are now threatening to end the world. To those who have passed, we say they are sleeping in peace but are they? Also, we say that God will come through for us but, is it the wrath of God we are now facing? The world you were born in no longer exists

Additional mankind is hating each other because of the influence of politics. Oh God, we need you, these times have become uncertain. false prophets are deceiving the young and vulnerable. so many broken homes and families. jobs are now given to the reach and backstabbers.

Therefore, lord your word is coming to pass the end time is coming may all repent and turn to you God. Save us from this destruction, and from the evil that surrounds us. If you are reading this article please share it with everyone you know. Post it on every platform for God said ”he who helps me gather is for me.” Believe it the world you were born in no longer exists.

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