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How To Cope With The Loss of Loved Ones


Losing someone due to death is an extremely difficult and painful loss. If you have recently lost a friend or family member, the team here at motivating. academy sympathizes with you.

How To Cope With The Loss of Loved ones when it comes to losing loved ones there are no words to express the feelings you have. When you lose someone you care about, you feel as if part of you is lost forever. If you think about it, no one would want to go through losing someone. Whether it may be a spouse, a child, a friend or siblings and parents, or any relatives.

It all comes down to the same feeling of emptiness; you end up missing them every second of the hour for years. This is a reality that we all have to face in life. Sadly, the loss is part of life. We all have to face death at some point in our life. We must be prepared for death because after death there is either Heaven or Hell. The choice of where you want to go is all yours and How To Cope With The Loss of Loved Ones.


In life, there are essentially 4 stages that we all go through.

  1. First, life begins the very moment a mother becomes conceived. That is when the journey of life starts.
  2. Then, after some time, we are born into the world. Here, the beauty of God’s wonders shines down upon us.
  3. We grow up and live our own life. Remember that God gives us life so we should live our life according to His will. At any point and age in our life, God can take our life back with no warning.
  4. Death is our final stage of life. After death, only God decides what is next for us. Again, living for Jesus is important. What we do in life determines what comes after death.

Everyone grieves over the loss of loved ones. Only the heartless will not grieve. To be honest, there are no basic steps you can practice or follow to overcome the feelings of grief that come when you lose someone. The best way that you can cope with this pain is to try and understand that we all have to depart from this world at some point. God chose to take your loved one’s life and not yours. There are significant reasons to explain why God took that person’s life and decided to spare yours. This is for God to know.

Grieving over the loss of loved ones.

We have to understand this and we must carry on the legacies that our loved ones started. Holding on and stopping from living your life does not bring them back. God was ready for him or her, so he took them. Don’t be sad. Be happy that their pain has ended and that they have a chance to meet Jesus. How To Cope With The Loss of Loved Ones depends on you only you know how far you want to carry any burden.

Let’s trust God that He will pull us through. It will be okay. Rely on Him for strength to pull through this difficult time. God has decided to relieve them from their pain. He has spared them from their suffering and they are in a better place now. We can see them again one day by the grace of God. We can not control who dies and who lives, nor do we have power over death. Everyone has to pass. How To Cope With The Loss of Loved Ones is not an easy feeling but it is possible to get through this.

Letting go seems impossible and moving on is hard, but we have to face it.

So don’t knock yourself over. God does not want you to be stuck in this period of grief. Death is His will, and His will is perfect; therefore, it will be OK. You will get through this time by keeping closer to God because He is the ultimate comforter. Life and death are His hands. God kept you because it’s not your time. Amid our pain, we must be grateful for this blessing of life. However, there are many people like you out there who are searching for ways How To Cope With The Loss of Loved Ones.

As of May 17, 2020, the coronavirus is still running rampant throughout the world. It is sad to say that many have died from this virus. Many of these people are in a better place, and for that, we must be happy. We must take comfort in the knowledge that they are not a part of this crazy and wicked world. You will meet again; when God is ready for you, He will come and carry you home. God will reunite you and your lost loved ones and when He does there will be no parting or separation. This time it will be forever.

Grieving over the loss of loved ones.

So cheer up my brother! Cheer up, my sister! Death is a temporary absence of life from the body. The day will come when we will all gather around at the throne of God with all of our loved ones. We will gather together in one accord, one unity, and without suffering and pain. There will be no more sorrows and no more loss when we all gather at the feet of our Lord and Saviour. Remember God gives life and he can take it back. We must live for Him if we want to dwell in His mansion someday.