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Can someone love you and still abuse you?

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Can someone love you and still abuse you? Firstly, there is no logical reason or explanation to justify an act of abuse. Ultimately, love and violence are opposites of each other. The emotional scars, hurt, and pain you suffer from an abusive relationship can be permanent. Some results of abuse can lead to death as well. In addition to this, the abuser is fully aware of the negative effects of their abuse. Considering all of these facts, how can this be love?

When someone loves you that individual will want the best for you. They will not want to put you through the worst storms of your life. Being loved is to be protected, and to be cared for. Most importantly, being loved is to feel safe. Wake up, my friend. Stop asking yourself this question “can someone love you and still abuse you?”

Take control of your life. You must do what is best for you. If you are being abused by someone speak up today before it’s too late. I am sorry this article may not be the answer you were expecting, but it is the reality of what abuse and love are all about. As a pastor and a counsellor, I have learnt that love is what Jesus did. He gave his life for us so we can be saved.

Love is a demonstration and not a topic

Let’s consider your question: can someone love you and still abuse you? What do you feel the answer to this question is? You are going to contribute to helping to answer this question? Love will speak for itself; meaning, if someone loves you there will be no doubt. You will feel and see it. It is not love when you spent more time being afraid than feeling safe, cherished, and valued.


No one should feel like a prisoner that is locked up in their world. You should not be beaten and mistreated more times than hearing the words “I love you”. Whether you are a child being abused by a parent or a spouse being abused by a partner the fact remains the same: love and violence are not compatible with each other. Yes, they are the opposite.

If you are a child suffering abuse from parents or siblings, may God help you. May his mercy touch the heart of that person. I pray that these individuals will change and become loving, caring, and considerate to your feelings and well-being. I hope that you find the comfort that you are looking for, and you will feel the joy of love. God will come to your rescue. Just ask him to take control.

There is no confusion on whether can someone love you and still abuse you

There is only one valuable answer to the question, and this answer is no. If it is possible and affordable to leave, please do so. Many organizations will help you get out of this sad and painful situation that you are in. Love yourself first, and make the right decision. Love should not cause emotional or physical pain.

An individual that breaks your heart with his anger and does not weeps is an individual with a heart of stone.


The quote found above represents someone that feels no way abusing and mistreating you. They have no consideration about your pain or your feelings. There is only one thing on their minds and that is to hurt you.

Now that you know that someone who abuses you does not love you, the question is why are you loving someone that has no heart for you? For months and years, you are getting the same treatment. The bad part of it is that things seem to get worse, and you are still in doubt about whether that person loves you or not. Well, only you can and will answer this question.

Don’t be responsible for your pain

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Please stop wasting your time by loving the wrong person. You may not find MR. or MRS. Perfect because there is no perfect person, but you will find your MR. or MRS. Right. Someone who will treat you as if you were the last person on earth. You deserve better. Everyone deserves to feel and be a happy life.

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