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What is the foundation of life?


What is the foundation of life? The day you were conceived did not create life foundations. There is no doubt that the journey of life begins the day we were born. However, life foundations start when we start understanding the meaning and the importance of life, then we chose the path we want to follow. Therefore, it is essential to choose your career and follow your heart. It would help if you had a visible understanding of what you are getting into and why you are getting into the career that you choose.

How I explained the foundation of life

Later in your life journey, you will see the importance of the foundation you have built for your life. As an example, if you spent all your life studying and pursuing a career as a lawyer then do not expect to find success as a politician. What makes you think knowing the law will give you the ability to run a city, a province, or a country? Trust me I have seen this attempt and it was a disaster their failure is always present.

Life is not as complicated as we think, we just need to start planning our future at an early age then the foundation of life will be much more solid. Unsuccessful careers collapse because the foundation was not structured properly. Your mindset must be sanctioned with positivity, assuredness and fullhearted. You know what you want and where you want to get in life, then you build your life foundation accordingly.


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