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The heart of a betrayer


The heart of a betrayer. There is only one intent of a betrayal act and that is to ruin your life. The most common reasons someone will backstab or betray you is because of greed, hatred, and they are jealous of you. Therefore, the level of envy rises to the top of their emotions. They want what you have and will stop, at no cost till they accomplish that goal.

Judas betrayed Jesus because of greed just for thirty pieces of silver. No sum of money will last but betraying someone can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering. That is the dangerous reality of the human mind and heart, they feel no emotions towards hurting someone to get what they want. I was asked this question; can someone love you and still betray you? My answer is and will always be no

Also, the heart of a betrayer does not care if their actions result in fatality. They can only think about themselves. Do you think the betrayer thinks about the consequences after they have committed suck ack? Yes, believe that they do they just have no consideration. All that matters is that they get what they want whenever they want it.

A betrayer has no consideration

Now to think of the topic of the heart of a betrayer I believe that an individual that will commit such a sinful act has a heart that is made of rocks. Betray can be a cur in your workplace, your sporting team, your school, or even in your very own home. Betray goes behind that, do you know that a person will betray their country because of greed? Politicians are famous for betraying each other. Because everyone wants power

Not only are the enemies that will be most likely to betray you, but unbelievably friends and family will laugh and drink with you, but they can be the biggest backstabber. Betray can happen any day at any minute even when life is at its best. This might be the perfect opportunity for a betrayer to make their move to plunder you are your happiness and ruin your entire life.

However, if you have been betrayed before by someone, it is God’s will that you should forgive but not forget. Be mindful of evildoers, extremely hearted people are all around you waiting for their perfect opportunity. This world is filled with corruption and inhabits dangers that hover over our heads and our kids as well. Accept Jesus today as your Lord and saviour and he will direct your path.


How do you stop someone from betraying you?

How do you stop someone from betraying you? You do not nor you cannot. However, the only way is when you put your trust in God, he will send his angels to camp around you. God will protect you with his blood. Romans 8:31 “What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us.’’ My friends walk by faith and by sight and believe that no weapon that formed against you shall not prosper.

You may be an individual that is thinking about betraying someone for whatever er reason or needs. I beg you in the name of peace’s sake, please do not do it think about the pain and suffering you are going to put on that person. Backstabbing someone to get your way will not get you yo-anywhere in life what goes around comes back around. You should do to others what you may have them do to you.

When you betray someone, you become less appreciative, unliked and untrustworthy to people who know you. Even if you change and ask for forgiveness because you have already set that reputation for yourself. That is a permanent stamp you have placed on your profile. Can you imagine everywhere you show up people looking at you as a conniving backstabber? God is not sleeping, and he does not forget evil deeds will always come back to haunt you can believe that.

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