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The restoration of life


. The restoration of life. let’s start by defining those two verbs. First, let’s study restoration and all its benefits and the impact that it can have on our lives and the material things that we use to navigate our everyday life. Restoration is the action of returning something to its factory default or condition or original state. Therefore, in this article, I would like to discuss the restoration of our life after it’s been broken. We all know that life can sometimes be cruel, unfair, fragile, and unfortunately sometimes short.

Human life can be broken by sickness or depression and heartaches, tragedy, loss and the list goes. The key focus of this article is how to pick up the pieces, resurrect and restore what has been broken or lost. When your strength is low and every road you have taken leads to regrets. When there seems as if there are no hope and no point in fighting. You may feel liking ending that precious gift that God had blessed you with, by committing suicide. I will strongly recommend you stop and think, it can be well again. Do not give up the fight till your last breath leaves your body.

Restoration is not a rapid process

The road to restoration is long and stressful but by God’s mercies and grace, you can mend the broken bits and pieces one step at a time. You may take one step forward, then the trials of life push you two steps backwards. Keep pushing through, great persistence will generate your undetected strengths. There is life after breakage, God will come to your rescue.

Restoration allows you to rise again better than before and stronger. Therefore, you will live to testify why it is essential to find your strength and purpose. No matter what threatens to ruin your life there is a solution to that problem. If it is an incurable illness, doctors may not be able to fix it, but God can, he is more than able and capable. Know, God is the restorer of all good and he can fix all fences no matter how broken it is.

You may have an addiction that is causing your life to deteriorate, take it to God, he can and will restore you to the fullest till you will have no appetite to do the things that you were once addicted to again. When you restore yourself, you are giving your life a new meaning and God will reveal your life’s purpose to you. Whatever troubles you, always take them to the Lord in prayers. You cannot allow brokenness to plunder your life, you are stronger than that. Restoration starts with you first by holding on and not giving up.

Do not allow things to get Resurrection

Second, Resurrection. The act of bringing back from apparent death or sometimes unconsciousness. Also, you can bring back material things to life as well with the right technology, and procedures with dedication time spent to achieve your goals. A sum of money might also be required, but in the end, you may or not be successful.

However, we would like to elaborate on our life. We understand that resuscitation is a process of reviving or restarting the physical body, a process performed on someone that is very ill or dying. It’s an essential aspect of intensive care medicine, trauma surgery and emergency medicine. God was able to do the impossible. He was able to raise His friend Lazarus from the dead, God was able to restore his life. If our creator is able to do the impossible, then He is definitely able to restore the pieces of your broken life.

All you have to do is ask, through prayer. There are many stories out there about mothers praying for their children when the doctors said there is no hope. There are stories of a husband praying for their dying wife, or a friend praying for a friend. In all these stories there is one common element, prayer. Have you ever heard anyone saying without God nothing is possible? Well, that is the absolute truth. No life could exist if God did not exist.


Resurrection is not guaranteed

The chances of Resurrection are minimal and rear which is why it is essential to restore your life while you have the chance. Live a Godly life obeying his laws and keeping his commandments. Every broken spirit will be restored by God. Whether it may be broken families, homes, or relationships it is possible to restore your life. Everyone at one point had suffered a broken spirit even the wealthy. Restoration is not only for Christians. Anyone can experience God’s restorative power if they believe in Him.

Additionally, our world needs a great restoration, million had died and millions have been left contagious as covid 19 has swept through this entire planet.  Nearly 4 years now and the whole earth is still extremely contaminated. Leaving businesses, countries’ organizations, and economies broken or completely shut down.

Therefore, our world needs to be restored and that work is now in God’s hands if he chooses to do it. Nothing that was experimented with to stop covid 19 has been successful. As if covid 19 was not enough now there is another potential pandemic that is threatening the world called monkeypox already contagious in many countries over the world.

May God have mercy on us all and restore our world and may His grace, and compassion sweep through the earth and restore joy and happiness. May He forgive our transgressions and renew the right spirit within us. Not the spirit of fear but the spirit of a sound mind. Lord our prayers have been lifted unto you, please restore this earth in Jesus’s name.

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