19 Jan 2021


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The Melanin Series


Welcome to The Melanin Series

As a young girl, a career mentor of mine invited me to a convention for Black female lawyers. At this time, I was considering a career in law. I had a mentor, who was a Black, female lawyer. She gave me the chance to network with women who looked like me and had the life that I wanted to pursue. There, I heard a keynote speaker who said a quote that I remember and live by to this very day:

If there is no room for you at the table, then bring your own chair to the table”

This quote has inspired me to create The Melanin Series (TMS).

So often Black people are excluded from the table that is life. Our ideas, creations, and culture are taken from us and passed off as not being ours. We are only provided with a seat when it is in the best interest of those who dominate the table. Our society encourages brothers and sisters who degrade and bring each other down for a seat at the table.

The Melanin Series is all about uplifting and motivating the Black community. From a Christian perspective and through thought-provoking articles, The Melanin Series aims to bring Black populations from all over the world together. We aim to discuss issues that the Black community faces as well as celebrate Black accomplishments. Even if you do not identify as a Black person, we welcome allies of the Black community to read, share, and engage in The Melanin Series.

The Melanin Series tries to take a Christian perspective to all that we do. We believe that God is King; therefore, we wish to honour Him in all that we do. Even if you are not a believer, we still invite you to read The Melanin Series or the content on Motivating.Academy. We strive to create content for everyone.

This series provides a seat for everyone at the table.

You are encouraged to share and comment on your ideas on each post in the series. To find articles from The Melanin Series search “The Melanin Series” in the search bar in the top right corner of your screen. If you are unable to find the search bar, click here and read articles with “The Melanin Series” tag.

As of March 2020, The Melanin Series also features two new short-read, miniseries.

The first is “On This Day” which discusses significant moments in Black history. The second is “Know Your Worth” which provides short, self-esteem boosting pieces of encouragement for our readers.

Please feel free to comment on each post to provide new ideas for articles. We do listen to feedback and aspire to create articles that everyone can enjoy.

Happy Reading!


Jas, Creator and Editor of The Melanin Series

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